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    GoPro Hero6 Black
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    GoPro announces the HERO6 Black, the latest flagship HERO model. The GoPro HERO6 ($499) Black features a 4K-capable sensor that can shoot Ultra HD footage at up to 60 fps as well as slow...
    The Floppotron Doom E1M1 At Doom s Gate
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    At Doom's Gate from Doom Soundtrack cover by computer hardware orchestra.
    7 Things You Didn t Know About Blade Runner
    Video   /  
    "Blade Runner 2049 is out this Friday -- PLUS, this year marks the 35th anniversary of the original. To celebrate the rich history of Blade Runner, we're giving it the spotlight on this...
    Cat Skateboards Under 20 People s Legs Sets World
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    Boomer attempts to BREAK his own Guinness World Record by skateboarding under 20 people's legs, (He holds the record at 13)
    Her Building a Beautiful Future
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    A quick look at the techniques used to craft Her's optimistic vision of the future.
    Conan O Brien and Jimmy Kimmel Respond to the Mass Shooting in Las
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    Conan reflects on how often he's had to respond to mass shootings in the last decade.
    100 Kids Imitate Their Parents
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    100 Kids Imitate Their Parents
    New Trailer for 30th Anniv of Schwarzenegger Action Classic
    Film   /  
    Dutch, Dillon and the rest of the squad are gearing up for another round of extraterrestrial extermination as cinemas celebrate the original Predator ahead of the 2018 arrival of Shane...
    John Oliver on Forensic Science
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    "Forensic science used in criminal trials can be surprisingly unscientific. Maybe a new television procedural could help change the public perception."
    Bears Vs BearProof Garbage Can
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    "This mama, along with her 2 adolescent bears, visited my trash cans a bit ago and used her claw to pull out trash through a half-broken bearproof lid.  The same bears returned 2...
    Saturday Night Live Papyrus
    Video   /  
    "Years after Avatar's release, there's one thing Steven (Ryan Gosling) just can't get over."
    Free Gifts At Your Neighbors Door
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    "The neighbor's son finding a package on my porch."
    Utaet Voice Training Silent Karaoke Mic
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    The Utaet Voice Training Silent Karaoke Mic is basically a rubber funnel you sing into that redirects the sound away from the room, and back into your own ear. It costs $81 plus $20...
    A Fantastic Chewbacca Bean Bag Chair
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    PBTeen released a fantastic Chewbacca Bean Bag Chair($170-$280) designed to look like the face of the lovable Wookiee from Star Wars."Aaaarhg! This Chewbacca™ Beanbag is a must-have...
    A Breakdown of the Magical Visual Effects Work in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol
    Video   /  
    Framestore released an facinating video and write-up that breaks down the magical visual effects work that they put into Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.
    Ballet Rotoscope
    Video   /  
    A ballerina dances as the joints on her body are traced with a computer-generated rotoscope animation technique, an algorithm that brings a mathematical layer to her natural movements.
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