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    The Best Fails of the Week 133100360710489461
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    Fail Army presents a roundup of the funniest fail videos that hit the Internet during the first week of April 2017.
    Casually Explained Alcohol
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    "Casually Explained," James provides a brief strategy guide for consuming alcohol, and explains how to gauge your drunkeness level, and the three different types of drunk...
    An Inflatable BullRiding Pool Float
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    This is the $50 InflataBull, a pool float that kinda sorta but not really mimics riding a mechanical bull when you sit on top and all your friends yank the handles attached to the outer...
    Scewo Stair Climbing Wheelchair
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    Introducing the Scewo Stair Climbing Wheelchair. This incredible device is bringing a new level of mobility to those without it. The Scewo Wheelchair is compact and can rotate on the...
    Juggler and Pool Player Perform Incredible Trick Shots
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    Incredible Juggling Pool Trick Shots!
    Ozzy Man Commentates on Hobbyhorsing
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    "Me critical analysis of hobby horses. Oi nah good on these folks for havin' fun time. I'm gonna get one. "
    HBO Stars Recreate HBO s Iconic Opening Ahhh
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    John Oliver has some thoughts on the iconic “Ahhh" that opens every HBO Show. Let him explain why.
    Cirque du Pizza The Art of Pizza Acrobatics
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    "The world pizza champion describes his particular art form as "what a Harlem Globetrotter does with a basketball”—only with pizza dough. But while a basketball...
    R2D2 x Bon Jovi s Livin On A Prayer
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    No one rocks like R2-D2.
    Cats  Waiter Please
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    Two funny cat know how to ring the bell to order food.
    Cast Iron Pizza Pan
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    This Cast Iron Pizza Pan looks cool. You can also use it to cook tortillas, quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwiches and more
    5YearOld Inventor Shows Off His Clever Invention on
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    Six-year-old Gideon came up with a bright idea that will change your underwater outlook.
    How Humans Developed a Sense of Empathy In Order to Get Along Well Within
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    What If You're Born Without Sympathy & Empathy?
    How to Make a Powerful Minigun Using CocaCola Cans Syringes Rubbing Alcohol Wires and
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    How to make minigun weapon from coca cola cans and syringes.
    How Ads On YouTube Work
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    How much do YouTubers and YouTube make from ads and how are ads matched with videos?
    Math Professor Fixes Projector Screen
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    Every year on april fools he pranks his students.
    The Book of Dark Secrets A Chris  Jack Sketch
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    In the latest sketch from comedy duo Chris & Jack (Chris Smith and Jack De Sena), a brother and sister discover a mysterious book filled with dark secrets while exploring a creepy...
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