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    The First Trailer for Johnny English Strikes
    Film   /  
    Universal Pictures just released the first look at Rowan Atkinson in Johnny English Strikes Again, an upcoming sequel to 2011's Johnny English Reborn and the third installment of the...
    Acer s new Aspire S24 packs a builtin Qi wireless charging
    Gadget   /  
    Acer introduced its thinnest all-in-one Windows 10 PC to date: The Aspire S24($900). The device boasts a 23.8-inch screen that is just 0.235 inches “thin” and sports...
    Kitten Playfully Bites Sleeping Dog
    Video   /  
    This kitten wanted to play and decided to wake up their owner’s dog by nibbling on their face. Unfortunately, instead of getting up to play, the dog gently pushed away the kitten with...
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    A Special Message from Deadpool
    Video   /  
    To send a big F-you to cancer, Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds) is running an charity contest that gives fans a chance to win his one-of-a-kind pink suit. Enter the contest on Omaze.com.
    RollsRoyce Wraith Luminary Collection
    Coupe   /  
    Rolls-Royce has created a Limited Collection of just 55 of these spectacular Wraith Luminarys, which will feature shooting stars on its starlight headliner. . For their new Wraith...
    If WhatsApp Was Around in the 80s
    Video   /  
    WhatsApp in the '80s
    10 Japanese Things That America Needs
    Video   /  
    "Step up your game, AMERICA."
    The Evolution of Video Game Controllers
    Video   /  
    "4096" created this cool animation to showcase the evolution video game controllers, in reverse chronological order, from the Nintendo Switch controller to the Atari 2600 joystick...
    Tentacuddle Blanket
    Other   /  
    This Tentacuddle Blanket from thinkgeek for Kraken lovers that features five tentacles that each come with three suckers.
    The Best News Bloopers of March 2018
    Video   /  
    News Be Funny presents a collection of the funny, awkward, and bizarre moments that happened during live TV news broadcasts in the month of March 2018.
    Playing the Flute During Brain Surgery
    Video   /  
    "Prior to the surgery … Henry could barely sign her name …But after the electrodes were placed in her brain and the thalamus was stimulated, Henry’s hand was...
    The Mad Genius Who Created Chuck E Cheese
    Video   /  
    "The entire history of video games can be traced back to a creative genius by the name of Nolan Bushnell. In 1972, Nolan co-founded Atari, a multi-billion dollar company that changed the...
    Prosthesis Exoskeleton A Giant 15  Tall 8000 Pound Mech Suit That Can Reach a Top Speed of 20
    Video   /  
    Furrion built a Prosthesis exoskeleton, which is a giant mech suit that stands 15-feet tall, weighs 8,000 pounds, and can reach a a top speed of 20 mph.
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    John Cena Answers Wrestling Questions From
    Video   /  
    John Cena Answers Wrestling Questions From Twitter
    American Kids Try Korean Snacks for the First
    Video   /  
    Including Choco-Pie, Honey Butter Chips, Pepero stick biscuits, and more.
    The First Trailer for Night School
    Video   /  
    Universal Pictures just released the first look at Night School, an upcoming 2018 comedy film starring Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, Rob Riggle, and Taran Killam. Night School comes to...
    One Script Run Them All
    Video   /  
    One Script Run Them All
    How Star Wars Could Have Ended In 60 Seconds
    Video   /  
    The latest 8-bit animated parody from Dorkly humorously imagines a much shorter alternate ending to the original Star Wars film."Maybe use those laser swords for something other than...
    The US President s Bulletproof Railcar
    Video   /  
    US Car Number 1, the Ferdinand Magellan, sits in the Gold Coast Railway Museum in Miami. It's 120 tonnes of bulletproof, armoured railcar: a train carriage designed to move the President...
    Mickey Mouse in 25 751 Dominoes
    Video   /  
    Louisville, Kentucky-based domino artist "The Domino King" spent five days and used 25,751 individual dominoes to create this amazing tribute to Disney's iconic mascot, Mickey Mouse.
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