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    Musician Rocks Out on a 1 Guitar
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    Was gifted this $1 guitar recently and challenged to make a music video & song using the dollar store instrument.
    Chris Pratt  Chris Stapleton Sing I  ve Had The Time of My
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    In this clip from Monday night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, guest host Chris Pratt and country singer-songwriter Chris Stapleton are forced to perform a duet of "(I’ve Had) The Time...
    How to Break a Wine Glass With Just Your Voice
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    "In this episode of Learn Quick, I learn to smash a glass using just my voice. "
    The First Jet Commercial Airliner
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    The de Havilland Comet - 1949. Perhaps it was a little too ahead of it’s time.
    American Kids Try Australian Food for the First
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    American Kids Try Australian Food for the First Time
    Luke Skywalker  s Funny  FacetoHelmet  Moments With Darth Vader on Robot
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    Adult Swim posted a Star Wars video featuring some of the funniest moments from Robot Chicken where Luke Skywalker has come “face-to-helmet” with his evil Sith lord father, Darth...
    100 People Admit What They ve Stolen
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    "100 People Tell Us What They've Stolen"
    Ozzy Man Interviews Games of Thrones Stars
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    Perth, Australia-based comedian and Game of Thrones fanatic Ethan Marrell, aka "Ozzy Man Reviews," got the chance to chat with four of the stars of HBO's hit fantasy series, Game of...
    Comedian Syncs Up the Sounds of His Smuggled Food With a Movie Trailer to Avoid Getting
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    syncing up the sounds of your smuggled-in food with the movie trailers so you don't get caught
    A Look at How Tom Spina Designs Created Adam Savage  s Chewbacca
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    "What's underneath all that Wookiee fur? We visit Tom Spina Designs, the workshop where Adam's beautiful Chewbacca mask was crafted, to dive deep into the mask-making process. Adam and...
    Dometic Portable Camp Refrigerator
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    The Dometic CFX Portable Refrigerator($615) adds wi-fi and a mobile app interface to the list of features. They offer 8 models ranging in size from 80 to 100 quarts and all can be powered...
    Picture of day  nbsp finger ring
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    finger ring
    Running In Space
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    NASA astronaut Karen Nyberg, an Expedition 37 flight engineer aboard the International Space Station, demonstrates how astronauts run on the COLBERT treadmill in a weightless environment....
    Somebody sets a guy s house on fire
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    The guy starts documenting with his film camera.
    The Infinite Galaxy Puzzle
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    The Infinite Galaxy Puzzle($120) is a new type of jigsaw puzzle that tiles continuously, meaning it has no fixed shape. Which may take a while to figure out but you can start from...
    GSI Boulder Flask
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    This GSI Boulder Flask ($15) is a lightweight ruggedized hip flask boasts a shatterproof co-polyester build with a grippy silicone bumper engineered to prevent damage bumps or scrapes...
    How to Play With LEGOs With Kids
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    New Zealand dad Jordan Watson demonstrates some of the different techniques dads use to play with LEGOs with their kids.
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