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    Snoop Dogg s Plizzanet Earth Baby Iguana vs
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    "We teamed up with our friend Snoop Dogg for what has become one of the most beloved nature programs on this or any planet. And with that said, here is a special all-reptile edition of...
    GoPro on a High Altitude Weather Balloon Captures Extremely Close Flyby of an Airbus A319
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    70 minutes into our 3.5 hour high altitude balloon (weather balloon) flight, OLHZN-5, we experienced an extremely close flyby over Newark, NY (**not New Jersey**) from an Airbus A319...
    Jetboarder Rescues Flipped Over Catamaran
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    Jetboarder rescues flipped over catamaran
    John Oliver Follows Up on Brexit
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    John Oliver humorously discusses the results of the UK's recent snap election, then explains why the UK exit the European Union, aka Brexit, will be a long and complicated process."In the...
    Dad Interviewed His Daughter on Her First Day of School From First Grade to Twelfth
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    "I interviewed my daughter on her first day of school since the 1st grade. Today she graduated from high school."
    Coldplay Let s a Fan Play the Piano on Stage
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    Chris Martin is currently touring around Europe with his band Coldplay and he brought a young fan on stage to play the piano.
    Something s Up With The New Netflix Rating System
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    Something's up with the new Netflix rating system
    If Pets and Farm Animals Were Round
    Video   /  
    What if animals were round?
    Easter Eggs and References in the First Teaser Trailer for Marvel s Black
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    "The first teaser trailer for Black Panther is here and so is my things missed, easter egg, references, breakdown rambling bullshit that I can never stop doing. It covers the powers and...
    James Corden and Soccer Legend David Beckham Battle to Become the Next James
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    When David Beckham and James Corden find each other at the same audition for James Bond, their unique approaches to the role create tension that threatens a friendship.
    Hilarious Comedian With Tourette s Is His Own
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    A whole bunch of jokes and also a good bit of Tourette's
    How Puppies React to Magic
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    Watch what happens when magician Jose Ahonen vanishes dog treats before these little doggies noses!
    Mario s Lost Kart
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    "The Mario Kart Legend himself has lost his kart! Hopefully some random dude doesn't find it and unintentionally cause havoc!"
    The Best Fails of the Week 98119153714471531
    Video   /  
    Fail Army presents a roundup of the best and funniest fail videos that hit the Internet during the second week of June 2017.
    Emily Blunt and James Corden Give Shakespeare s Romeo and Juliet a Modern
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    James and Emily Blunt perform an abridged version of the William Shakespeare classic love story, "Romeo and Juliet" set to 14 modern songs, across seven different sets and just one take...
    A Year in the Life of Simon s Cat
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    "Have you ever wondered how your feline friends feel about all of the different seasons? Simon’s Cat explores Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter in this classic collection of Simon’s...
    Kate McKinnon John Cena and Jimmy Fallon Play True Confessions on The Tonight
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    Jimmy, Kate McKinnon and John Cena play a game where they take turns confessing to a random fact, then interrogate each other to determine who was telling the truth.
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