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    Things About the ‘Back to the Future’ Film Series That You May Not Have Known
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    Jacqueline Miller from the Royal Ontario Museum shows off just how massive the heart of a blue whale is with one of the only preserved whale hearts in history.
    Your will be Able to buy Official  Star Wars  x Campbell  s
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    You Will Soon be Able to buy Official ‘Star Wars’ x Campbell’s Soup.
    "To that end, witness Campbell’s new Star Wars soup can, looking like something Andy Warhol would have painted ad infinitum if he had only been around to see the "Yo dog, I heard you like brands, so I put a brand on your brand" era of marketing. The cans feature many of the classic Star Wars characters who appear in J.J. Abrams’s forthcoming The Force Awakens like Chewbacca, C-3P0, R2-D2, Imperial Stormtroopers—as well as two, in Darth Vader and Yoda, who will likely only appear as little blue ghosts. According to the can’s label, the soup—pasta with chicken in chicken broth—comes in "Star Wars shapes," presumably so you can absorb your recommended daily intake of midi-chlorians through little Darth Vader and Yoda head shapes."
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    What about skateboarding Mario Kart? Mariooooo Kaarrrtttt Skaaaaaatte!!! In real life.
    Vintage Game Boy Ad Promises Graphics So Real You ll Forget It s Only A
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    This is a vintage Capcom ad for the Game Boy game Gargoyle's Quest that promises 'graphics so real you'll forget it's only a game.' That is a pretty bold statement. Especially considering you're talking about Game Boy graphics.
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    Geek Uses Ikea Product Names to Annoy Girlfriend with puns
    The Most Feared Wood Burner
    This Boba Fett-themed wood burner by artist “Burned by Design” might be the most feard.
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    You’re tired and you need an energy boost, but you don’t want the jitters from caffeine. What to do? In this week's video, we give you some chemistry-backed tips — one of which involves cats — to boost your productivity and stay awake without refilling the coffee cup.
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