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    Artist Painstakingly Reassembles a Bank of England Five Pound Note Out of Shredded Fiver
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    Martin John Callanan, a talented artist, painstakingly reassembled a Bank of England Five Pound Note from a pile of misprinted, uncirculated shredded fivers.(eleven-minute timelapse...
    The Best Pet Videos of the Week 247998250288940523
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    The Pet Collective put together this entertaining collection of the best and funniest pet videos that hit the Internet during the third week of January 2018.
    Ozzy Man s Commentary on Gibbon Messing With
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    "Me commentary on a daring and cheeky gibbon vs a couple of tigers."
    Coyote Peterson Meets a Living Ball of Spikes
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    In the latest episode of his "Breaking Trail" nature series, animal expert and adventurer Coyote Peterson gets to know a super spikey echidna while visiting The Billabong Animal Sanctuary...
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    Jimmy reads his favorite tweets with the hashtag #FitnessFail.
    Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids What They Think of Donald
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    "It has been almost a year since the inauguration of Donald Trump and his positive approval rating is at 37% among adults. Jimmy wanted to see what kids thought of his first year in...
    The Best Fails of the Week 953067822276804868
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    Fail Army presents a cringe-causing compilation of the best and funniest fail videos that hit the Internet during the third week of January 2018.
    Tomb Raider Official Trailer 2
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    Warner Bros. Pictures just released the second sneak peek at Tomb Raider, an upcoming 2018 action-adventure film based on the 2013 reboot of the Tomb Raider video game franchise. The film...
    Scott Bradlee Performs a Ragtime Piano Medley of the Super Mario Bros Theme
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    "I listened to these jams on (literal) repeat when I was a kid, so here's a medley of themes from Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, and Super Mario World, all by old school Nintendo...
    Jerry Rice Answers Football Questions From
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    Legendary wide receiver Jerry Rice uses the power of Twitter to answer some common questions about the game of football.
    Super Troopers 2 Official Red Band Trailer
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    Fox Searchlight just released the first uncensored trailer for Super Troopers 2, the upcoming 2018 sequel to the 2001 cult crime-comedy film, Super Troopers. Super Troopers 2 stars Jay...
    A Sleeping Baby Cow Softly Snores On His Human s Lap Like A
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    Daniel McKernan, the founder and director of the Barn Sanctuary animal shelter in Chelsea, Michigan, shared this cute video of Mike, a rescued baby calf name Mike, snoring like a puppy...
    A Little Rat Eats a Cracker While Upside Down
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    "Pan is my special needs rat who is 3 years old. I saved him from being eaten by a snake when he was only 5 weeks old. He has had seizures and other issues his whole life. He cannot...
    Homemade Flying Bathtub
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    "Who does not dream of flying shopping in his bathtub?"
    Incredibly Realistic Felt Animal Scarves
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    Polish sisters Celina and Maja Debowska(their etsy), known collectively as celapiu have created a wonderfully line of scarves and stoles that feature realistic animals made out of felt...
    Chinese Woman Making Paper
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    Chinese Woman Making Paper
    Gif dong dong
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    dong dong
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