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    Gif Driving
    Wooden whaler
    Wooden whaler made from recycled cove-boats by David Kemp.
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    Custom Silkscreen Pet Pillows
    These custom pillows are unique in that you can submit a photograph of your pet to create the unique pillow.
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    3D drawings on flat paper sheets
    Awesome 3D drawings by Dutch artist Ramon Bruin on flat paper sheets.
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    AntiPervert Hairy Stockings for Girls During
    One of the most popular posts currently on China’s microblogging service Sina Weibo, from @Happy张江
    "Super sexy, summertime anti-pervert full-leg-of-hair stockings, essential for all young girls going out"
    Martin Scorsese directs Leonardo DiCaprio in a movie based on the life of Jordan Belfort. The Wolf of Wall Street.
    Lomography Konstruktor
    DIY and build your own 35mm plastic SLR camera with this Konstruktor kit($35). According to Lomography, it "the world’s first plastic 35mm SLR. This compact camera has a whole range of exciting features such as a top-down viewfinder, multiple exposure function, bulb setting for long exposures and a detachable 50mm f/10 lens."
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    "Jackie Chan's Best Story Ever: for a young martial arts performer, getting to act opposite Bruce Lee was a huge honour - and Jackie Chan got the chance on the set of 'Enter the Dragon'. But things didn't exactly go according to plan."
    Pencil versus camera Art and reality in one

    Pencil versus camera Art and reality in one
    Belgian hands-on artist Ben Heine blurs the line between art and reality by blending photographs of people and landscapes with his own pencil sketches.
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    Girl cat beard
    Girl holds cats around her chins to look like fluffy beards.
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    PlayStation 4 Bundles With Release Day Guarantee Available At
    Sony’s PlayStation 4 “Launch Edition” has already sold out at Amazon. Since ‘Launch Edition’ sold out, Amazon started selling ‘Standard Edition,’ which won’t be delivered until 31st December. Thankfully, Amazon is offering some other bundles that come with the release day guarantee. There is the Watch Dogs and Knack edition of the PS4 that comes with the console and those games for $460. Then there are Killzone and Battlefield 4 editions as well, which come with those games as well as a one year membership of PlayStation Plus, for $499.90. [Amazon Link ]
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