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    Zoku Iced Coffee Maker
    Office   /  
    "Just pour fresh-brewed coffee into this innovative grab-and-go container, then slip on the special insulating sleeve. In just minutes, your drink will be chilled to...
    Breaking Bad 18in Teddy Bear
    Other   /  
    This is a  life-size replica of the iconic pink teddy bear from AMC’s popular television series Breaking Bad, released by thinkgeek.The pink teddy bear. So innocent and also so...
    A Truncated Story of Infinity
    Video   /  
    A look at the infinite possibilities within the everyday. Following a day in the life of Vincent, "Subject X" and his many variations that exist throughout the universe. The...
    Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Nuclear
    Video   /  
    America has over 4,800 nuclear weapons, and we don’t take terrific care of them. It’s terrifying, basically.
    This LiveAction Dragon Ball Z Trailer Is Totally Real
    Video   /  
    Mega64 made a live-action movie based on the popular cartoon by Akira Toriyama. The results are amazing...
    First taste of chocolate in Ivory Coast
    Video   /  
    Cocoa farmers trying chocolate for the first time is a must watch.
    Picture Ghost Child
    Pic   /  
    Turn Down for What without Music
    Video   /  
    Ever wonder what this video sounds like with the music muted? Haha!
    The Garbage Dress
    Other   /  
    The Garbage Dress by  artist Robin Barcus Slonina. Robin Barcus Slonina is an artist who creates novel items of clothing from unusual materials, such as a bikini made out of poker...
    Darth Vader Outdoor Wood Stove
    DIY   /  
    Instructables user “doddieszoomer” took an old bottle of propane, a grinder, a welder and a marker, and created a Darth Vader Wood stove that would look great in...
    Snow White Swimsuit
    Swimwear   /  
    Snow White Swimsuit from Black Milk Clothing.
    All 14 Weird Al Yankovic Album Covers as a Whiteboard
    Video   /  
    14 Weird Al Yankovic Album Covers as a Whiteboard
    Leatherdos MultiTool Hair Clip
    Tools   /  
    Leatherdos is a multi-function metal clip - crew driver, wrench, trolley coin, ruler & cutting edge, all combined in this tiny hair clip. Designed by Yaacov Goldberg.
    The Hobbit The Battle Of The Five Armies Teaser
    Film   /  
    The official teaser trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle Of The Five Armies is here!
    DB Cooper
    Pic   /  
    D.B. Cooper by Randall Munroe of xkcd.
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