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    Russian Figher Jets Fly Dangerously Close To US Navy
    Video   /  
    U.S. Navy ship encounters aggressive Russian aircraft in Baltic Sea "A United States Navy Destroyer operating in international waters in the Baltic Sea experienced several close...
    1940s Swing Cover of Gwen Stefani s Hollaback
    Video   /  
    New York-based vocalist and model, Robyn Adele Anderson, and the Postmodern Jukebox Band perform a brilliant vintage swing rendition of Gwen Stefani's 2006 pop hit, "Hollaback...
    New World Record Super Mario Bros Beaten In Under Five
    Video   /  
    Speedrunner Darbian has just made history by beating the game in just five minutes. “I have reached my potential in this category.” Bravo nerd, bravo.
    How A Modern TV Show Is Made
    Video   /  
    From script to screen making a TV show is a fast and furious process. Here's how they get made. We took a look inside one of the best shows on television, The Americans to see how they go...
    How Realistic Is Donald Trump s Healthcare Plan
    Video   /  
    "Donald Trump’s propositions for healthcare reform would lead to a decline in quality and quantity of coverage across the country, explains Atlantic staff writer Vann R....
    Kobe Bryant 60 Points Highlights
    Video   /  
    Here Are The Highlights
    This Clever Wheelchair Prototype Allows Users To
    Video   /  
    This is a standing wheelchair.
    Should all locks have keys Phones Castles Encryption and
    Video   /  
    A Great Explanation Of Why Not All Locks Need Keys
    Here s a Look at Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice Before and After Visual
    Film   /  
    Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice VFX Breakdown
    The Kindle Oasis
    Gadget   /  
    Amazon's new flagship Kindle, the Kindle Oasis($290+). More than 20% lighter and 30% thinner than any other Kindle, the Oasis now boasts a tapered ergonomic handgrip for more comfortable...
    Batmobile Concept
    Concept   /  
    Created by Bulgarian designer Encho Enchev. Looking like a cross between a super-car and the Nolan trilogy tank, this thing comes equipped with tires taller than the body of the car...
    Could You Outrun A Fart
    Video   /  
    Can you actually run away from a fart?
    Watch A Water Jet Slice A Heavy Duty Flash Light In
    Video   /  
    Cut in half - MagLite ML300L 4-Cell D Flashlight
    How Matcha Is Made From Plant To Cup
    Video   /  
    "The green powder is everywhere, showing up in baked goods, ice cream, and even your morning latte. But what IS matcha, and how does it differ from normal green tea? Eater Drinks...
    21 Weird Wedding Traditions
    Video   /  
    This week, John shares some bizarre wedding traditions!
    A Behind the Scenes Look at Game of Thrones Visual
    Video   /  
    Game of Thrones Season 6: Inside GoT - Visual Effects
    Kobe Bryant Conducts Singing Haters in New Nike
    Video   /  
    "Depending on who you ask, Kobe Bryant was basketball’s greatest hero or its greatest villain. As he walks off the court for the last time, opponents and fans tell him how they...
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