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    "These are some of the Aerial rushes from a TVC we were shooting in Southern New Zealand.
    Shooting with the RED EPIC 5k camera inside a SHOTOVER stabilised camera system with a 24-290 Angenieux Lens. We shot all of this aerial footage in less than 3 hours. As most of our principle shooting was on the ground. While in transit from Queenstown to different parts of the the south island, we shot these images on our journey between locations. The southern parts of NEW ZEALAND are amazing
    Drip Tease Cup

    Drip Tease Cup
    Bone china teacup and saucer decorated with gold or platinum. Designed by Reiko Kaneko.
    Handibot A Portable CNC Machine

    Developed by ShopBot Tools, the HandiBot is a portable CNC machine. Use it to cut, machine, drill and carve using a mobile app, tablet or PC. You want to cut holes, and nothing else? You can have a simple app where you just have to enter a diameter or radius, and press “Cut”. You want to make complex 3D carvings? No problem, you can have another application with intuitive 3D CAD software to help you draw whatever it is you’re after. At the moment, there’s a Kicstarter campaign where a $2,400 pledge will get you one if you’re willing to wait until the second batch, or $2,700 if you’re in a hurry. Delivery starts in September.
    Go inside a bottle factory to see the technology that turns used glass into new bottles.
    Magical Fruits Wands

    Magical Fruits Wands, watermelon stars and a line of blueberries. I love it!
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    The Google Street View Trekker Camera pilot program allows third parties to borrow Google’s Trekker equipment and take it to places around the world.
    What sorcery is this? Swedish artist Per Helldorff made this cup-and-ball automaton called The Gambler that takes the place of a carnival huckster. Keep your eye on the ball!
    3D Printed Cast
    Called the Cortex, the 3D printed cast pictured above is a concept and prototype designed by a Victoria University of Wellington graduate with the suspiciously awesome name Jake Evill, the Cortex cast is lightweight, ventilated, washable and thin. Made from a complex honeycomb structure, it allows for air and water to circulate, as well as making it possible to scratch and clean your skin. Sounds wonderful. Made out of polyamide, the casts take about 3 hours to make, while regular plaster casts take 3 to 9 minutes. With advances in 3D printing technology however, we may see the Cortex in hospitals within the next few years.
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    Surveillance Cameras Wear Party Hats for George Orwell  s Birthday
    To celebrate the 110th birthday of George Orwell, surveillance cameras in the center of the city of Utrecht were decorated with colorful party hats. By Dutch art group FRONT404.
    "George Orwell is best known for his book ‘1984’, in which he describes a dystopian future society where the populace is constantly watched by the surveillance state of Big Brother. By putting these happy party hats on the surveillance cameras we don’t just celebrate Orwell’s birthday. By making these inconspicuous cameras that we ignore in our daily lives catch the eye again we also create awareness of how many cameras really watch us nowadays, and that the surveillance state described by Orwell is getting closer and closer to reality."
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    Car and Railroad Playmat Tshirts
    Car and Railroad Playmat T-shirts by bky kid(etsy seller). Perfect for father-son playtime.
    These beads seem to levitate, defy gravity and jump out of the beaker.
    Gif Peace
    Bubble Football looks fun! (Thanks Tip)
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