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    If Harry Potter was The Villain
    Film   /  
    If Harry Potter was The Villain
    Dramatic Reading of The Haunted Mansion
    Video   /  
    Rowlf the Dog of The Muppets Performs a Dramatic Reading of "The Haunted Mansion"
    Terrifying Zombie Werewolf Dog Muzzle
    Pet   /  
    Zveryatam, an online store based in Russia, has released a creepy muzzle that transforms any ordinary dog into a deadly-looking werewolf. You can actually purchase it, here for about $30.
    Fake Geek Girls
    Pic   /  
    A fantastic comic by artist JAKFACE.
    The Tesla Watch A Splendid Chronometer From a More Elegant
    Steampunk   /  
    From Thinkgeek:The Tesla Watch goes with your steampunk aesthetic. With a weathered-brass look on all the metal parts, this analog watch features a leather strap. The highlights of this...
    Charles P tillon floats London s Covent Garden With a Cloud of 100 000
    Projects   /  
    French artist Charles Pétillon has filled london’s 19th century covent garden market building with 100,000 giant white balloons. Named ‘Heartbeat’ , the work is...
    StoryTime Rocking Chair
    Seating   /  
    StoryTime Rocking Chair designed by Hal Taylor, a Virginia-based father and craftsman."I have been an avid reader all of my life, therefore, when I had children I began reading to...
    Taylor Swift and Lisa Kudrow sing the Song  Smelly Cat  From the TV Show
    Video   /  
    Taylor Swift and Phoebe Buffay/Lisa Kudrow sing Smelly Cat from Friends.
    10 Amazing Science Tricks Using Liquid
    Video   /  
    10 Amazing Science Tricks Using Liquid!
    Coffee Lid  Take Kiss Out
    Design   /  
    Coffee Lid : Take 'Kiss' Out by Korean Designer Jang WooSeok, coffee cup lid  features a protruding nose and big full lips."I love both coffee and kisses. I always have coffee a day, but...
    Are You a Supertaster
    Video   /  
    "It’s a genetically-inherited trait — and dominant, meaning that only one parent has to have the supertasting allele, or version of the gene, for their child to feel its...
    The Jacks Candle cute
    Projects   /  
    A Korean company has designed candle project 'the Jacks'. Shaped like ears, antlers or brains, the candles slowly melt through the ceramic holder’s eyes to create a dripping/crying...
    Bell  Ross Unveils Luxurious Limited Edition Skull Bronze Tourbillon
    Watch   /  
    Bell & Ross have just unveiled a truly intriguing new watch in the Skull Bronze Tourbillon. It features a 46-mm square case, made of aged bronze and highlighted by a...
    Sony s AirplaneShaped Drone
    Video   /  
    Test flight of Sony's airplane-shaped drone. Flight experiment by Aerosense Inc. Taking off vertically, hovering, fly fast, and landing vertically.
    The Swiss Army Machete A Zombie Defense
    DIY   /  
    Zombie Defense Multi-tool, Instructables member seamster will be prepared to fight the undead with this massive custom Swiss Army-type knife. It has a machete, an adjustable wrench, a...
    Kids Try Dark Chocolate
    AD   /  
    Kids try dark chocolate for the first time. These kids are expecting the sweet milk chocolate they’ve always had, but this is dark chocolate. The kind grownups eat, without so much...
    Furoshiki Shoes Wrap Around Your Feet Like
    Shoe   /  
    The Furoshiki Shoes however really look like the most comfortable shoes on the market. They wrap around your feet like bandages, conforming to your foot’s shape rather than forcing...
    Witcher 3 Silver  Steel Swords MAN AT ARMS
    Video   /  
    We are so excited for Witcher 3 that we built 2 swords from the game: Serpentine Steel & Silver
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