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    Can t Help Falling In Love on a Kalimba
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    The Kalimba sounds like a little music box and Elvis Presley's Can't Help Falling In Love felt like a perfect fit for this instrument.
    Movie Stunt Falls in Slow Motion
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    "Ever wanted to look like a cool Hollywood stunt person?  Well, so so Dan and Gavin.  So they enlisted the help of Actor Dylan Sprouse and stunt coordinator Kyle Weishaar to...
    Check This In Your Hotel Next Time
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    Check This In Your Hotel Next Time
    70 People from 70 Countries Say Cheers in Their
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    "If you've ever wondered 'how do I say cheers' around the world, this how-to video will have you clinking glasses like a local in no time."
    Real Life Trick Shots 66103213596178731
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    The guys from Dude Perfect, a Dallas, Texas-based trick shot group, are back with another impressive round of trick shots involving household ojects and everyday tasks.
    Picture of day  nbsp Disks
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    Father and child.
    2019 MercedesBenz GClass
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    Mercedes has revealed the all-new G-Class – with it's rugged off-road capability outside and luxurious interior. Power will come from a 4.0L V8 that produces 416-hp and 450...
    The Entire Breaking Bad Series Retold in One
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    Entire Breaking Bad Series in 1 Minute
    Last Week Tonight Season 5 Trailer
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    HBO just released this amusing teaser trailer for the upcoming fifth season of John Oliver's satirical news series, Last Week Tonight. Season 5 premieres on HBO on February 18th,...
    Japan  s Post Box Under the Sea
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    When the small Japanese seaside town of Susami needed a tourism boost, an unlikely resident came to the rescue: the town’s postmaster. Together with the local diving community, former...
    Breakdown of the Amazing Practical and Visual Effects in  The Shape Of
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    Visual Effects and Animation studio MR. X presents the VFX Breakdown for Guillermo del Toro's, The Shape of Water.
    The Song  Africa  by Toto Played on 64 Floppy Drives 8 Hard Drives and 2
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    Polish musician and engineer Paweł Zadrożniak performs a fantastically geeky cover of Toto's 1982 pop classic, "Africa," on his computer hardware orchestra, aka "The...
    How to Build an AFrame Hut and a Celt Hatchet Using Primitive
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    Primitive Technology demonstrates how to build an A-frame hut and a celt hatchet out of materials found in the wild..."The A frame hut is a simple shelter that can be built quickly and...
    Woman Runs Through a Landscape of Real Life Iconic Album Covers In a Michel Gondry Pandora
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    "Take a journey through some of music's most iconic album covers with Michel Gondry and Pandora. "Cool, I like it!
    New Teaser for Spielberg s Ready Player One Has a Hidden Secret
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    Warner Bros. Pictures just released this 3-minute featurette about the making of Steven Spielberg's upcoming 2018 science-fiction adventure film, Ready Player One, that's based on Ernest...
    Watering CanShaped Juicer
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    The Peleg Design Lemoniere is an adorable little watering can that can be used to hand-juice lemons, letting you pour a little extra zest on your salads. The built-in strainer ensures...
    Kevin Hart Misreads His Poker Hand And Wins
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    Then he gives almost half of it back to the woman he was up against.
    Aspect Ratios In Movies
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    Aspect Ratios In Movies
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