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    Burning Man 2015 Carnival Of Mirrors
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    Highlights from Burning Man 2015. If this isn't on your bucket list it should be. 7 days of dust and dreams in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada.
    Lamborghini Huracan LP 6104 Spyder
    SportsCars   /  
    What the Lamborghini Huracan desperately has needed is the absence of something. Specifically, it needed to lose its roof. Why? Welcome the Lamborghini Huracan LP 610-4 Spyder....
    The Disney  s Jungle Book Trailer
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    Directed by Jon Favreau (“Iron Man”), based on Rudyard Kipling’s timeless stories and inspired by Disney’s classic animated film, “The Jungle Book” is...
    Amazing Contact Juggling Object Manipulation
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    "The techniques found in contact juggling, such as balancing or rolling a single ball or palm spinning, have been performed for centuries. Contact juggling is a form of object...
    Cedar Point s Giant New Coaster Will Shatter Ten World Records Next
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    Cedar Point's giant new coaster will shatter ten world records next year. Its new Valravn Birdseye coaster will officially break ten world records in one fell swoop.Designed and built by Bolliger & Mabillard in Monthey, Switzerland, Valravn Birdseye is the 100th coaster the firm has created, and it will claim ten different world records once it goes into operation next summer.1....
    Orphaned Baby Elephants  You Can  t Help But Fall In Love
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    See baby elephants escort a man into a wild herd in East Africa. Investigative journalist Bryan Christy takes some time to relax with the young orphaned elephants at the Ithumba Release...
    Sexy Cat Lingerie Sets For Ladies Not Cats
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    These are the luxury cat lingerie sets available from some company in Japan. The set comes in three versions which clearly depends on which cat makes you go Awww.  The lingerie set...
    Dance Like No One Is Watching
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    In the margins of a college notebook, Brian de Vera doodled a little man dancing.  It's the shortest of flipbooks--just two images per move--but totally effective.
    Super Mario Bros 30th Anniversary Mario Reflects On His
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    In a special 30th anniversary commentary track, a middle-aged Mario remembers the incredibly traumatic experience of Super Mario Bros.
    5 Amazing Movie Endings That You ve Never Seen
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    Top 5 Alternate Endings That Could Have Drastically Changed Movies! The Amazing Spider-Man 2, I Am Legend, Terminator 2 and more!
    Porsche Mission E Concept announced an electric car charges faster than a
    Concept   /  
    Porsche Mission E Concept,  600 horsepower, a 0-62mph time "under" 3.5 seconds, a top speed of over 250 km/h (about 155mph), over 500 kilometers (311 miles) driving range...
    Video of two cats taking out a horde of zombies
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    Cats declare war on Zombies to save the survivor kitten!
    Man Getting Tazed In UltraSlow Motion
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    This is a video from The Slow-Mo Guys  of a dude getting being deployed at a human target in Super Slow Motion. It made me cringe a little, especially when the barbs broke his skin.
    The  Monty Python and the Holy Grail  40th Anniversary Theatrical
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    To celebrate this year’s 40th anniversary of ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ and it’s theatrical re-release we have updated the trailer with new voiceovers from...
    New Pluto Images from NASA  s New Horizons It  s
    Tech   /  
    New close-up images taken by NASA‘s New Horizons probe during its historic July 14, 2015 flyby.“Pluto is showing us a diversity of landforms and complexity of processes that...
    Surviving 9 11 Rescue Dog Birthday Party In Honor of Her 16th
    Video   /  
    "As members of Texas Task Force 1, Bretagne and her mom/handler Denise Corliss had an intense first deployment They joined nearly 100 other search and rescue dogs to find and save...
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