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    The United Sports of America
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    New map: The United Sports of America
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    Coin sculpture
    An assortment of geometric forms made from coins notched and joined together. The series of coin sculpture are made by artist Robert Wedemeyer for the money themed issue.
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    Watch this extreme knife-throwing performance by Tumba Ping Pong Show. Awesome!
    Garmin HeadUp Display HUD

    The Garmin Head-up Display($150) receives navigation information from your smartphone and projects it onto a transparent film on your windshield. It display system, showing turn indicators, distance to the next turn, current speed and speed limit, and estimated time of arrival. Place HUD onto your dashboard and pair it wirelessly with your compatible Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. Using Garmin StreetPilot for iPhone, choose your destination and HUD will project turn-by-turn directions to get you there. [ Amazon link ]
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    A Pokeball Engagement Ring
    This is the conceptual Pokeball engagement ring designed by jeweler Arts & Gems. But unfortunately it’s just a conceptual design, because I’m sure there are a lot of guys out there who would want to catch the “one” with a creative and geeky ring like this.
    "The engagement ring has a twisted shank with created green gems showing our good health at the beginning of a battle. There is also a wedding band to complete the set with created topaz stones showing our experience. Engagement ring has a Created Ruby and Cubic Zirconium cut in half to create a symmetrical design in the center."
    After more you can see a ring inspired by Iron Man’s arc reactor, and a Triforce pendant, patterned of course from the Legend of Zelda.
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    A worker is pulling a video progress bar, Cool
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    From SubParButInHD:
    "I used to do this all the time in GTA San Andreas, however it wasn't possible in IV, since you couldn't spawn multiple cars using cheats. Luckily, it's possible again in V, which makes for a ton of hardware punishing fun. A week ago I played around with the train a little, yesterday it was the plane, and today it's just all out car pile-up chain reactions!"
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    "Does humanity stand a chance against our sun’s ultimate fate? And can NASA’s Mission Juno save us? AsapSCIENCE teams up with NASA to explore the void and the future of our planet."
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    Push My Buttons TShirt
    Push My Buttons T-Shirt
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    A short skateboard video from SALAZAR featuring, Bradley Sheppard, Alien, Nate Lacoste, Chris Connolly, Nate Roline, Stacy Gabriel, Desmond Hoostie, Mike Klinkhamer, and Rob Rickaby
    Earth Night Light
    The Earth Night Light with realistic 3D printed photo of the Earth allows you to enjoy the beauty of the Earth in the dark, within your touch. Dimension: 6.7 x 4.8 in. $6
    Cattle art
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    Cattle made from river rock, railroad spikes, railroad track, steel wire, and nuts by artist John V. Wilhelm.
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    Heatsensitive shark mug
    Pour hot water into this heat-sensitive shark mug. Watch as the idyllic scene gets a little more interesting when some unwelcomed visitors pay a visit… $13
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