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    Airbus has filed a patent for the world s fastest
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    The patented helicopter is an advanced version of Airbus' Eurocopter X3, which is currently under development. The helicopter is part of Airbus’s high-speed, long-range, Hybrid...
    Disco Ball Helmet
    DIY   /  
    Make your disco ball helmet from instructables.
    Koreans Try Whiskey For The First Time
    Video   /  
    Koreans to taste (take shots) and share their thoughts on Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey for the first time.
    Australian Guy Adds Hilarious Commentary to Thrilling Women s Relay
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    Ozzy Man, adds his always funny commentary to an unbelievable women's 4 x 400m relay race at an Irish university.
    Ocelot vs Crab
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    On this special Breaking Trail Outtake, see Coyote's new friend, a wild Ocelot he named "Osa", go claw to claw with a feisty land crab she finds on the rainforest floor in Costa...
    Star Trek Beyond Official Trailer 2
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    Watch the new trailer for Star Trek Beyond, starring Idris Elba, Chris Pine, Simon Pegg, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, John Cho, Anton Yelchin and Karl Urban. Star Trek Beyond is coming to...
    101 Facts About XMen
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    101 Facts humorously shares a huge collection of little-known facts about the X-Men comic series and film franchise.
    Google s Modular Smartphone looks Cool
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    Project Ara is a new modular computing platform, allowing devices to be customized for style and function. Choose your high-res camera, add a louder speaker, swap in a better battery....
    Tonight Show Hashtags  MyWeirdNeighbor
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    Hashtags: #MyWeirdNeighbor
    The Best Fails of the Week 331999256738302446
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    Fail Army presents a roundup of the funniest fail videos that hit the Internet during the third week of May 2016.
    Ingestible origami robot
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    Researchers at MIT, the University of Sheffield, and the Tokyo Institute of Technology have demonstrated a tiny origami robot that can unfold itself from a swallowed capsule and, steered...
    Collection Of Unique And Clever Brushes
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    Tim's toy collection also includes items you might not immediately think of as toys - brushes for example. But Tim is always intrigued by clever designs and mechanisms...
    Steve Jobs Introduces the Apple Store 2001
    Video   /  
    Back in 2001, Steve Jobs excitingly led a tour through one of Apple’s first locations in Tysons Corner, VA. Watch the video!
    Coutours A Stroller for Adults
    Video   /  
    Coutours, a producer of babycare products, has created a stroller meant to give parents a glimpse into their baby’s stroller experience. The adult-sized stroller is an exact replica...
    Making a Flamethrower Guitar
    Video   /  
    Colin Furze make a truly rocking guitar that had a built in flamethrower!
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