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    Mark Thompson Reveals the Dangers of Observing the
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    TV astronomer and author Mark Thompson shows why it is very VERY dangerous to look at the Sun through a telescope : CAUTION Not for the squeamish!!!
    Cocktail Chemistry How To Make The Smoke Bomb
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    One of the coolest tricks I know is this "smoke bomb". Fill an ice ball with smoke, only to smash it open over your cocktail.
    The Gramovox Vertical Turntable Review
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    The Floating Record Vertical Turntable was a successful Kickstarter campaign.The idea was to make a quality turntable that takes up less shelf space, looks great and sounds good. Did they...
    Jimmy Kimmel Asks People to Reveal to Their Moms the Biggest Lie They ve Ever Told
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    On Mother’s Day, we tell our Moms how much we love them but there are some things we don’t ever tell them, which is dishonest. So to break those barriers down, we went out on...
    Keith Urban and Jimmy Fallon Sing Real F My Life
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    Jimmy and Keith Urban sing real entries from the site FMyLife.com as country songs.
    Hammocraft Hammock Raft
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    There’s no better way to while away the hours on a hot summer afternoon than by being on the water. What you need is a raft full of hammocks to maximize your lounging efficiency,...
    Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float
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    This is the Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float available soon from Perpetual Kid for $100. It's a pool float that looks like a unicorn. A fat unicorn. Cool
    Iron Man s Movie Kill Count
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    It covers all his direct and indirect murders from Iron Man, Iron Man 2, The Avengers, Iron Man 3 and Avengers: Age of Ultron leading up to Captain America: Civil War.
    Feeding A Farting Wombat
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    A hairy nosed wombat called Pete has his favourite snack, sweetcorn.
    A Blind Man and an Armless Man Have Helped Each Other Plant a Forest of 10 000
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    In the village of Yeli, China, two men have formed an unlikely team to improve their community. Sixteen years ago, Jia Haixia lost his eyesight. His best friend, Jia Wenqi, lost his arms...
    Built A NearPerfect Batmobile
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    It's been over 12 solid months in the making and I'm so excited to share this with you! Introducing the Team Galag Batmobile 2.0 for Gumball 3000 2016...
    Captain America Civil War Budget Trailer
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    London-based filmmaker Matthew Potter and his friends spent as little money as possible on this amusing homemade remake of the second trailer for Marvel's latest blockbuster superhero...
    Ken M The World s Greatest Internet Troll
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    Ken M. is probably the world's greatest internet troll. Is it trolling to pick the world's greatest troll? You be the judge. But this is how Ken M does it.
    Captain Europe Captain America Parody
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    We all know about Captain America, but what about other countries? Here are some of the captains in Europe. This is based on stereotypes and references from the different countries.
    FormBox A Desktop Vacuum Former
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    The FormBox has built-in heating elements so you won’t need an oven, just a vacuum cleaner for the molding process. It will also come with 30 thermoplastic sheets so you can...
    Gummy Bears vs Hydraulic Press
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    In the latest episode of his oddly entertaining video series, Finnish machine shop owner, Lauri Vuohensilta, uses a hydraulic press to crush a mini gummy bear army and a giant gummy bear...
    If Adult Cereals Had Mascots
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    Silly breakfast mascot, everyone knows oatmeal is for sad adults!
    Gif The Me Bird
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