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    A Disneyland Timelapse by Matt Givot and Dan Douglas Over 20,000 images to show the one and only Disneyland Anaheim.
    Pic Osprey aircraft deployed for first time in support of Marine
    Marine Corps MV-22 Ospreys, aircraft that take off vertically, provided a dramatic new look for President Barack Obama’s travel detail as he and the first lady began a Martha’s Vineyard vacation...The Marines say the Ospreys are twice as fast, can travel six times farther and are capable of carrying three times the weight of the Vietnam-era CH-46E helicopters which have supported missions involving the president. There are no plans yet to have the president fly in the MV-22s... (cnn)
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    Climbing Comp
    Last weekend in Park City, Utah...  The Psicobloc Masters Series was the first major deep-water soloing competition held in the U.S. Climbers competed head-to-head on identical routes up a 50-foot wall, no ropes or harnesses, just a massive swimming pool below to catch their fall.
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    Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom
    Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is half camera and half mobile. Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom is an ordinary Android smartphone with 16M BSI CMOS Sensor and 10x optical zoom.
    These slimy creatures may look like aliens from another planet but they are actually the life teeming inside a SINGLE drop of pond water.
    The Secret Story of TOYS.
    Sandwich Sponge

    Sandwich Sponge
    Two triangle-shaped pieces.
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    Speedrun: The Big Lebowski in 60 seconds
    A 2.05-second pit stop by a Formula One team is shown in slow motion.
    Algae suit generates food to feed you
    The algaculture symbiosis suit designed by Michael Burton and Michiko Nitta. The symbiosis suit is designed to make food for you as you go about your daily routine. A number of tubes, placed in front of your mouth, harness the CO2 you breathe and feed it to an ever-growing population of algae which lives in the suit. The self-sustaining algae suits are made up of plastic tubes that sprawl all over the body, making up head pieces and body suits.  Green algae pumps through the tubes, coloring the transparent vessels in varying shades of green as it swirls and circulates around the network of plastic. The suit debuted at a recent event at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.
    "Algaculture designs a new symbiotic relationship between humans and algae. It proposes a future where humans will be enhanced with algae living inside new bodily organs, allowing us to be semi-photosynthetic. Almost enabling us to become plant-like by gaining food from light. As such, we will be symbionts (meaning that both entities entirely depend on each other for survival), entering into a mutually beneficial relationship with the algae."
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    Sony s rumored QX10 and QX100 lens cameras pair with your
    These images are the rumored DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 from Sony. Actually these are not normal lenses! They have built-in sensor, Bionz processor, Wifi/NFC wireless connection and SD card slot. These lenses have no LCD screen and no usual camera controls. You will be able to control them through your smartphone(via WiFi or NFC). They’re meant to be attached to a smartphone (iOS or Android), and operated through the on-screen buttons. The QX100 will get a “larger 10x focal range and a 1/2.3-inch 18-megapixel CMOS sensor. So you might be able to squeeze some pretty high quality shots from your phone. The DSC-QX10 and QX100 are expected to be officially announced on September 4, for an as-yet-unknown price. Cool
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