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    AthleTitti Turns Your Body Into A Jungle Gym
    Atsushi Shiraishi at Tama Art University designed the AthleTitti. It is a vest that turns you into a jungle gym that so kids can easily climb on.
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    Off Road Teardrop Trailer
    The Off Road Teardrop Trailer has a full size mattress provides sleeping space for 2 adults and with the addition of an optional roof top tent.
    "The cabin is outfitted with an AM/FM/CD radio with iPod input, LED cabin lights, 12v outlets, USB outlets, cubbies, shelves and cup holders.  The galley comes with a 2 burner propane stove mounted on a sliding drawer, LED light bar, side mounted sink, 30 gallon fresh water tank with electric pump, a locking slider to hold your ice chest or the optional ARB Fridge and plenty of extra space for what’s important to you.  An attached 6’x6′ Scipio awning is completely self supporting and sets up in seconds.  Lockable front storage boxes give you a secure place for chairs, bbq’s, toys, firewood and much more. Use the beefy roof rack to store even more gear for those lengthy treks into the backcountry.  The 2″ receiver at the back of the trailer accepts most hitch mounted bike racks.  Also comes equipped with a first aid kit.  "
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    Leonard (Martin Starr - "Freaks and Geeks", "Silicon Valley") exists in slow motion but lives in a regular speed world. When he discovers his office crush is getting transferred to Florida, Leonard decides he must somehow become regular speed to win her heart before she leaves town for good. (9 min)
    Dream Walker,  Rope Jumping!
    This Smart High Heel Shoe Features An eInk

    This Smart High Heel Shoe Features An eInk
    Imagine a pair of high heel shoes that can change appearance to match your outfits. Featuring an e-Ink display and a Bluetooth module, they can change their look to some degree at the touch of button. Just… connect your shoes to your smartphone and pick from any of the available patterns that might best suit your outfit that day. It’s a really cool concept, but one that will cost you a $249 pledge with a December delivery date. Cool project on indiegogo.
    "The Volvorii is streamlined, has an embedded flexible electronic paper display, a Bluetooth LE module with battery wireless charging, elegantly positioned fastener accessory anchors both on the front and back of the shoe."
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    Grand Hotel Des Iles Borromees
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