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    Breathtaking balancing feat
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    The Norway-based extreme artist Eskil Ronningsbakken, 30, balances on the edge of a plunging cliff face at 1,400 metres – on a unicycle. I guess most of you are nervous, and may be worried about his safety only if he treads on the footstep a little more strongly and breaks the balance....
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    VW Campervan Toaster
    Give your kitchen the retro look with this amazing camper van toaster! This legendary automobile icon can now be your most valuable kitchen tool, toasting your bread and wowing your guests! Each bread slot can toast one slice of bread at a time with a various range of toasting settings. $45
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    Skeleton Horse
    Artist Sandy Cramer of Knot Just Rope spent about five hours to free-hand paint her horse Raven's black coat with white paint. She calls her creation "Skeleton Horse" and visitors to her shop in Rockbridge, Ohio can meet this painted equine. I guess the horse would have a nice Halloween this year.
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    Basketball Net Beard
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    Basketball Net Beard!
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    The Tweeting Bra

    OgilveyOne Athens has created a bra that will send a tweet each time it is unclasped. The Tweeting Bra is designed to encourage women to perform self-exams from breast cancer detection. Sponsored by Nestle Fitness, the Tweeting Bra uses a mechanism that is connected to a smartphone via bluetooth and automatically posts a tweet every time it is unhooked.
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    Where is it
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    Where is this island?
    [ Updated: ] It is Strombolicchio in Italy. [ Thanks, Henrik ]
    This Runner s Jacket Inflates To Cool You Down
    This cold-weather jacket, called the Stormy Trail, has elasticized cords hidden inside its hand pockets. When tugged the cords tighten a baffle and create a “flow chamber” of sorts to vent a runner in motion. So as the wearer runs, air entering the jacket through a series of vents can't escape out the bottom. Instead, it flows up the runner's back and escapes out another vent closer to the top of the jacket, taking heat with it and cooling the wearer in the process. An open vent on the jacket’s back then lets the air and body heat escape, keeping a runner cooler and less-sweaty where needed on the move. It will be available next July for about $165.
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    Captain America The Winter Soldier Trailer
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    "Steve Rogers struggles to embrace his role in the modern world and teams up with Natasha Romanoff, aka Black Widow, to battle a powerful yet shadowy enemy in present-day Washington, D.C."
    Awesome trailer!
    Russia’s latest innovation in weapons technology, the ADS assault rifle, was manufactured by the state KBP design bureau and presented to the public yesterday at the Interpolitex 2013 arms exhibition in Moscow. It's based on the venerated A-91M bullpup assault rifle platform and fires 5.45x39mm M74 rounds (the same used by the AK-74) when on land. It's simple to toggle between water and air mode, though soldiers do have to reload the weapon with underwater-friendly ammunition before submerging. Cool Watch more videos after more.
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    Donnie Yen and Bruce Lee face off in an animated martial art short film directed and animated by Li Jin, a fan of both Yen and Lee.
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    Collapsible Mezzaluna

    Collapsible Mezzaluna
    Mezzaluna folding food chopper by Joseph; Handles fold over blade for safe and compact storage;
    Green or Grey: $15.
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    Gambit gets fired in this new Ex-Men sketch
    Artist Turns 1988 Ford Fiesta Into Sculpture of a Squatting

    British artist Hetain Patel has spent three months turning an old 1988 Ford Fiesta into a sculpture inspired by the US blockbuster Transformers. Hetain Patel, 32 from Bolton, created the sculpture in homage to the American film and toy franchise, with his engineer brother Pritum and his father, Pravin, who converts cars into hearses for his job.
    "My first car was a 1988 Ford Fiesta gifted to me by my father as I turned 17. Born in the UK to immigrant Indian parents, the passing of a car between generations provided me with my first taste of independence. In this new work, I’ve turned my hand to a newly acquired 1988 Ford Fiesta of the same specifications as my original car to create my first sculpture. Manufactured in England, this car stands as a symbol of working class Britain, a native body, albeit here a car body."
    The video is a time-lapse video of Hetain’s build process.
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