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    Book Bookends
    Books Bookends designed by Dmitry Kul, he made these bookends that seamlessly fit in with the books themselves.
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    In this video, Simon Tofield demonstrates how to draw hedgehogs.
    Gif BBC Earth
    Chiu Chih  s Survival Kit for the Apocalyptic

    Chiu Chih  s Survival Kit for the Apocalyptic
    The project is called “Voyage on the Planet” by designer Chiu Chih. A backpack of fresh air provided by a lone plant stored in the clear backpack. Clearly the series (and the design) is more on sending a strong message rather than proposing an actual thing that might be produced in the future.
    "The design responds to a sense of curiosity towards this ever-changing environment – where old buildings are demolished and new modern ones continue to rise. Society and culture modify from one moment to the next, which in some cases Chiu Chih believes renders people hopeless, while for others it brings about hope and new expectations."
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    Here  s a wristband that everything
    Kapture is a wristwatch that combines our love of timepieces and having our every word on tape. Oddly, the device can only actually hold 60 seconds of sound. It continuously erases itself, though it appears as though you can tell it to preserve a certain number of seconds, until you hit that 60.
    "Here’s how it works: The device is always on but stores no more than the last 60 seconds of sound, in much the same way that many CCTV cameras overwrite their recordings after a set period. The point is not to have an exhaustive record of every sound ever encountered (which if you live in urban areas would consist largely of traffic and sirens) but to preserve something immediately after the fact.
    What might such a device be used for, other than bar humor? Kapture’s founders suggest several occasions on which it might come in handy:
    The reaction of a child experiencing something for the first time
    The unexpected interactions of daily life
    A humorous anecdote from your family reunion
    The birth of an inside joke with friends
    A solitary epiphany during your drive home
    It will go live on Kickstarter on next month.
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    RecordBreaking LEGO Tower is 11 Stories High

    Students and teachers celebrated Monday at Dickinson High School in Milltown, Dela. They built a LEGO tower that’s 11 stories high! The tower measures 112 feet and 11.75 inches and is officially the tallest LEGO tower in the world, as affirmed by Guinness World Records. Students throughout the Wilmington, Delaware school district built sections of the tower, made up of about 500,000 donated Lego bricks.
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    Tattoo Cat
    Tattoo Cat
    Japanese toast art
    The toast art from Japanese artist Hittomii brings anime characters to the breakfast table. Awesome!
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    Soft light
    It is a soft and flexible light shade made of foamed polyurethane. Soft Light can be placed in unused spaces like cavities in furniture and other places as an object that fills a void in one's living environment.

    'The idea of designing a lamp, that is altered completely in its functionality only through its untypical and odd surface has been the first point of interest for me. To me it is fascinating how one little alteration (the softness) can really change the whole concept of a product that surrounds us.' German designer Simon Frambach states.
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    Ballerina Performs En Pointe with Knife Shoes
    Ballerina Amélie Ségarra performs Javier Pérez's En Puntas, wearing a customized set of pointe shoes that extend beyond the toe box with a pair of sharp kitchen knives. The fact that Ségarra maintains her balance and even leaves her mark as she purposely scrapes the sharp-edged blades across the piano is both exhilarating and frightening to watch. The intense performance is made all the more gripping as the elegant dancer tiptoes closer to the edge, making it difficult to avert one's eyes.
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    Ladder by Charlie Styrbj rn Design
    The ladder by Gothenburg designer Charlie Styrbjörn features curving linked rungs. "I wanted to create a unique ladder for interior use with a high decorative value but still functioning as a good ladder should," said Styrbjörn.
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    Go Pong Can Grip
    The Go Pong Can Grip clips onto your can in just one second. It helps keep your beer cold without letting your hands get wet from can sweat. $7.5
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    watermelon fighter
    Watermelon fighter, haha!
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