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    The Conjuring 2 Trailer Reveals the Demons of England  s
    Film   /  
    The supernatural thriller brings to the screen another real case from the files of renowned demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren. Reprising their roles, Oscar nominee Vera Farmiga and...
    Awesome Zelda Style Horse Haircut
    Pet   /  
    This is 'The Armor Of Love', a horse haircut provided by the folks at England based JMC Equestrian Custom Clipping. Clipping is not only beneficial to the horses in the summer for keeping...
    AirBnB Offering The Chance To Spend A Night In The Middle Of Giant Aquarium Surrounded By 35
    Other   /  
    AirBnB is currently running a contest to win a one-night stay in a 360-degree glass room in the middle of the shark exhibit at the Aquarium de Paris. Three lucky winners will be chosen....
    How To Make Fried Sardine Spines
    Video   /  
    Chef Gabrielle Hamilton loves to use scraps to make delicious foods. In this case, it's dredged and deep-fried sardine spines.
    Take A Tour Of The International Space Station
    Video   /  
    Explore NASA’s space laboratory for the International Space Station from every angle in this panorama.
    The Food Surgeon Lobotomizing a Pineapple
    Video   /  
    The Food Surgeon performs a lobotomy operation on a googly eyed pineapple.
    Individually Wrapped Fries Are Now Available at Burger
    Video   /  
    The 2016 corporate April Fools' Day pranks have arrived. Burger King France kicks things off with a parody commercial that announces the first Individually sold French fries.
    How to Create a Video Game
    Video   /  
    How To Build Your Own Video Game
    Everything Wrong With The Martian With Dr Neil deGrasse
    Video   /  
    "The Martian was one of the biggest hits of 2015, and was nominated for tons of year-end awards. But being as it's set in space and in the near future, we thought it best to bring...
    Nikki Glaser And Kyle Kinane Feed Pornstars Their
    Video   /  
    Nikki and Kyle Kinane feed lines to porn stars Jake Jace and Luna Star in a scene about a filthy poolboy.
    Jamesedition Ak47 Chair
    Seating   /  
    Jamesedition Ak-47 Chair is crafted from real AK-47s. Austrian designer Rainer Weber was inspired to create this majestic luxury throne made from real assault rifles. He forged this...
    Introducing Google Cardboard Plastic
    Video   /  
    Google invites you to see the future more clearly with their brand new Cardboard Plastic "Actual Reality" headset.
    Where are all the aliens
    Video   /  
    "If aliens exist, the galaxy should be crawling with them. We've been looking and so far, no dice. Why? "
    Funny Irish Mammy Using Vr For First Time
    Video   /  
    Josie is your typical irish mammy from the countryside. this was her first time experiencing virtual reallity and it made for great laughs.....
    Moormann Camping Bus
    Other   /  
    Custom Bus is a German company that specializes in personalizing VW campers, motor homes and mobile offices. This is a VW bus designed by German minimalist Nils Holger Moormann, a...
    New York Horizon Horizontal Skyscraper Built Around a Sunken Central
    Concept   /  
    Yitan Sun and Jianshi Wu propose to build 1,000-foot walls around excavated central park.New York Horizon, the first place winning design of the EVolo 2016 Skyscraper Competition by...
    Rihanna s new Music Video Kiss It Better
    Video   /  
    Rihanna - Kiss It Better (Explicit)
    A Wonderfully Eerie Compilation of Deep Sea Creatures With Unusual
    Video   /  
    Eerie critters from the deep sea: SPOOKY EYES
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