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    Coffee The Savior of Monday Mornings
    Coffee: The Savior of Monday Mornings
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    Oddly shaped cactus
    This pricky little dong-shaped cactus was grown by the father of reddit user EURTARION.
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    Sixclawed lobster caught off Massachusetts
    A very rare six-clawed lobster will go on public display this week at the Maine State Aquarium in Boothbay Harbor where it will live among other odd-looking lobsters. The four-pound, 10-year-old crustacean was caught by fishermen Richard Figueiredo off Hyannis, Massachusetts.
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    The video called Danielle was made by filmmaker Anthony Cerniello. Cerniello worked with photographer Keith Sirchio to take pictures of his friend Danielle's family. Awesome!
    "Cerniello traveled to his friend Danielle’s family reunion and with still photographer Keith Sirchio shot portraits of her youngest cousins through to her oldest relatives with a Hasselblad medium format camera. Then began the process of scanning each photo with a drum scanner at the U.N. in New York, at which point he carefully edited the photos to select the family members that had the most similar bone structure. Next he brought on animators Nathan Meier and Edmund Earle who worked in After Effects and 3D Studio Max to morph and animate the still photos to make them lifelike as possible. Finally, Nuke (a kind of 3D visual effects software) artist George Cuddy was brought on to smooth out some small details like the eyes and hair."
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    Wooden robot nutcrackers
    German designer Matthias Zschaler has created these wooden nutcrackers in the shape of robots. Will be available on Suck UK.
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    Blue Cheese Lollipops
    From the website:
    Of all our mind-blowing flavors, we're going to go ahead and say that this is the mind-blowingest.
    It started off as a joke.
    We were all scared to try it.
    Maria (our maple-bacon model) popped it in her mouth and said, "Oh! It's awesome!"
    And we assumed she was lying until she ate the whole thing.
    And then we apologized for doubting her and tried them out and they were, in fact, awesome, because you know what?
    Sweetness and sharp cheeses go together — it's why restaurants drizzle honey on gorgonzola.
    Four for $10.
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    Russian dude flies over water on a ‘Batman’ kite tube.
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    A game of wheelchair basketball gets a surprisingly heartwarming ending.
    A Bicycle Powered Tree House Elevator

    This is a 30-foot bicycle powered tree house elevator. You just hop on and peddle yourself to the top. Idaho, who built a bicycle-powered treehouse elevator because he got tired of having to climb a ladder to get to his 30-foot something treehouse.
    Ethan explains: “It was originally a 20-something speed bicycle, but first gear wasn’t slow enough, so I cut the large sprocket off the front, and welded it on the rear to get a lower gear. I also had to do away with the de-railers and make a new chain tensioner.” He adds that he’s planning to build walls and insulate his treehouse in a few weeks, as he plans to actually sleep or even live in it eventually.
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    Yes yes I have
    Yes, yes I have…
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    Leaf loader
    Leaves begin to fall as Autumn comes. Rake up leaves and debris into the 4-ft. wide funnel and dump directly into trash cans or leaf bags. Rake up leaves and debris into the 4-ft. It's durable, waterproof polyethylene with nylon webbing-reinforced frame to keep it open. It has quick-grip handle and adjustable strap. Folds flat for storage. $35
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    World s first treehouse hotel
    Canadian man Tom Chudleigh has built the world's first spherical treehouse hotel -- the Free Spirit Spheres, suspending his guests 15ft in the air. Guests at Free Spirit Spheres sleep hanging in the treetops for £90 a night in the west coast rainforest of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, rocked to sleep by the wind.
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