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    Grip coasters
    Bring color and fun to your entertaining with these coasters by Umbra that grip and stay with your beverage, wherever you place it. It fits cans, bottles, regular glasses and even wine glasses.
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    Stumpkins, fresh pumpkin carving ideas for this Halloween.
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    World s first heartshaped watermelon
    The world's first heart-shaped watermelon is grown by Japanese farmer Hiroichi Kimura. Kimura turns the originally round fruits into the symbol of love because of his neighbor's wish to see a watermelon in the shape of a heart.
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    World s most technical shoe horn boot jack

    World s most technical shoe horn boot jack
    From the shoe horn/boot jack website:
    This ingenious shoe helper serves the purpose of both a shoe horn and a boot jack.
    The shoe helper is both intuitive and practical, aiding you in putting on and pulling off your shoes.
    The smart handle provides extra support, making it especially suited for those with poor balance.
    This shoe helper stands upright on its own, and can be folded for travel.
    29.95 (shoes not included).
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    "Vehicle spotted on the Samara-Orenburg highway in Russia. " What is this?
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    Giant Lobster Claws

    Giant Lobster Claws
    Giant Lobster Claws($35) from mcphee. Awesome!
    "Become a lobster superhero and take the law into your own claws
    Sure, your boring old human hands let you do nuanced things like type and count to ten, but you have to admit you'd be fifty times more awesome with claws. This set of two 14-1/2" long latex Giant Lobster Claws slips on over your hands and instantly makes you more lobstery. In fact, you'll look so lobsteriffic, you'll hardly be able to resist dipping yourself in butter. While we don't recommend driving or operating heavy machinery while wearing these, they're not completely useless. You can sorta kinds pick stuff up when you move the pinchers. Also helps you give a powerful handshake. Fits most adult hands."
    Fire Extinguisher Lighter
    Click to ignite with this cute fire extinguisher lighter. It is butane refillable and the flame can be adjusted. Overall Dimension: 1.50" x 1.00" x 3.00". $4
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    Dual Beer Glass
    Made by Matthew Cummings of The Pretentious Beer Glass Company, the cylindrical dual beer glass houses two separate chambers that meet at the lip. This clever design allows amateur bartenders to pour the perfect Half and Half, eliminating the need for a bar spoon to prevent the two beers from blending. Enjoy two different beers at the same time. $35
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    Adjustable Advantage toilet seat
    The Adjustable Advantage Toilet Seat is the world's first and only patented toilet seat that adjusts to an individual's natural sitting position providing greater comfort, support, relaxation and improved personal hygiene. The toilet seats arms actually swing outward to fit each individual person. This toilet seat is heavy duty as it can support up to a 1,000 lb person!
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    Boobshaped weights
    The Kiev-based ad agency 306 Creative Communication Agency is producing boob-shaped weights for an October launch in sporting goods stores. "Sports equipment for real men, who think about women all the time even when the iron is held in the hands," reads the copy on the ad platform site.
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