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    Ian Hey did something most of us would never dream of and spent a year in the beautiful Antarctica. This is what it was like.
    "A year living, working and playing at Halley VI in Antarctica. The newly opened British Antarctic Survey Research Station, situated on the Brunt Ice Shelf at 76° South. A mix of Timelapse sequences, video and still photography."
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    Mirror 180
    The Mirror 180 by Halb/Halb is a circular mirror with two halves angled, allowing you to see two perspectives of whatever's reflected. A wood base-connection is fixed on the back so that it can be suspended in three positions.
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    Flare surfing performed by professional surfer Bruce Irons.
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    Study Cube
    Study Cube is a small wooden cubicle that accommodates just one person. The wardrobe-like study has a desk and chair inside. It's meant to help people concentrate while they study by getting rid of all the noises and distractions that normally surround them. In short, it literally lets people shut the outside world out.
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    Screw cup Beach mug that digs into the sand
    South Korean, Barcelona-based designer Minji Jung designs this srew cup especially for the beach. Just turn the mug just like a screw, and the device can be secured into the sand. a practical solution get the cup fixed in the sandy and windy conditions at the beach.
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    Fitness trainer Frank Medrano's superhuman bodyweight workout. Awesome!
    A Retro Platform Video Game Based on the  Game of

    Abel Alves has created a playable retro platform video game based on the Game of Thrones TV series and books. The game uses the software Arcade Game Studio. The 8-Bit Game foregoes telling George R.R. Martin's entire story, instead focusing on four characters as they battle their way through key moments in the saga. The official trailer above. The 8-Bit Game can be downloaded for free right here.
    "In this game you will play with 4 different characters of the TV show ( and books, of course ), each one with different attacks and habilities, through 4 levels full of enemies and challenges, based on different parts of the saga."
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    Street art Adding Eyes and Teeth Brings Everything to
    Street artist Aidan Glynn turned urban fixtures into living creatures by adding eyes and teeth to an object it instantly gives them so much character.
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    A research team unveiled 3-Sweep, an imaging software that lets the user easily extract an object from a photograph and then edit it as a 3D model. Watch the demo video above, cool. The software pulls an editable, movable 3D model straight out of a 2D photo. As the video goes on, the examples get more and more complex and impressive. Once outlined, each bit of the above telescope is scaled and altered at will, and the whole thing can be tilted, turned and shifted on every axis.
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    Jody Steel s Leg Drawings
    Boring lecture? Many of us doodle in class, but artist Jody Steel eschews paper and uses her body as canvas instead. Her leg drawings were so impressive, she says, her professor at Emerson College in Boston hired her to illustrate a novel. You'll see why when you see her leg drawings - they're so good that they're often mistaken for tattoos.
    "I really started because honestly, I didn't have any paper around," she told HuffPost Weird News. "I was drawing a lot in class, and people began to notice ... I'm just really pale and my skin is most equivalent to paper."
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    Reflective Bendable Driveway Markers
    Save your flowers, maybe even your house.
    People are crazy, especially in the dark.
    Fair warning.
    From the website:
    These commercial-quality markers are wrapped in reflective tape for high visibility.
    Perfect for guiding down dark driveways or in hard-to-see weather conditions.
    Unique spring at the base allows them to rebound instantly if hit.
    They install easily, even in frozen ground.
    Weatherproof flexible fiberglass rod, steel spike, and stainless-steel spring.
    48" high.
    Pack of 24: $46.03.
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    Giant Miffy Lamp
    Invite the cute character Miffy to your home to light up your life. The giant Miffy lamp can be used as a lamp for young kids, as well as a home decor. $299
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