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    Gif Hungry Monster House in action
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    Hungry Monster House in action!
    Matty Matheson Reviews The Internet s Most Popular Food
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    Bon Appétit asked outspoken chef and TV host Matty Matheson watch and critique some of the most popular food-related videos on the Internet.
    56Inch Diameter 2 200 Pounds UAE Sets New World Record For World s Largest Aerial
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    This is a video of the new world's largest mortar firework being launched, a massive 56-inch shell weighing 2,200 pounds. The gigantic firework was produced by US-based Grucci Fireworks...
    A Pair of Horses Simultaneously Turn Back as They Change Their Minds About Going Out in the
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    "Let horses out to play in the snow. Horses have other ideas."
    The Beatles Aging Together
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    This is a video (complete with year-by-year soundtrack) created by Youtuber Angel Nene of The Beatles aging together from 1960 to 2017 using a 'live 3-D effect.'
    Dell XPS 13
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    Dell is releasing a few new items at CES 2018 starting with its brand new XPS 13 laptop($1000+). The new version is built out of a mix of aluminum, carbon fiber, woven glass fiber, and...
    How to Make Skinner s Seafood Stew From The
    Video   /  
    "While Seymour Skinner's tour in Vietnam sounds a bit cushy, there's no doubt that he's dutifully served our country - more so by even trying to get Bart Simpson through middle school. As...
    People Try to Match Dogs With Their Owners
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    In the latest edition of Cut's "Lineup" series, three people try to figure out which dog belongs to each person in a lineup of seven strangers.
    Footage From A GoPro That A Seagull Stole
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    "On the coast of Norway, Kjell Robertsen uses some bread to get some GoPro close-ups of seagulls. Over 5 months later he found his camera so we can all see what happens when you...
    The Trailer for Netflix Japan s Godzilla Monster Planet Anime
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    Netflix Japan has released an official trailer for the anime movie Godzilla: Monster Planet, which will be available for streaming worldwide from Netflix later this month.Years into the...
    Meryl Streep Fails Oscar Quiz About Herself
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    Meryl has been nominated for an Oscar TWENTY times, so Jimmy challenged her to a game. Can she name all of the movies she was nominated for in 60 seconds? (Nope!)
    The Eggshibit
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    Mexican artist Michele Baldini has created The Eggs-hibit, a series of photos that feature fried eggs on a skillet that he turned into delicious works of art.
    How To Find TRUE North Without A Compass
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    No special gear needed for this simple survival life hack , just use the sun and the shadow it makes on a simple stick . be sure to mark a spot when you start for it will be your west...
    The Difference Between A  70 000 And  4 000
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    Impressive engineering. The Patek Philippe 5170P on the right is worth almost 20 times as much as the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch on the left.
    SpongeBob SquarePants Edited To Perform Dr Dre s The Next
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    This is a video edited by Mylo The Cat (previously) starring Spongebob as Dr. Dre, Patrick as Snoop Dogg, Squidward as Kurupt, and Mr. Krabs as Nate Dogg performing Dr. Dre's 1999 hit...
    Full Trailer for Spy Thriller Red Sparrow Starring Jennifer
    Film   /  
    20th Century Fox has just revealed the second official trailer for spy thriller Red Sparrow, starring Jennifer Lawrence as the mysterious, deadly double agent spy named Dominika Egorova....
    Ozzy Man s Commentary on Animals vs Sports
    Video   /  
    "Ozzy Man Reviews," adds hilarious commentrary to clips of cats, dogs, birds, and other animals invading pro sports games.
    Emergency Landing On Cargo Ship By Sea Harrier
    Video   /  
    Remarkable news footage on the recovery of Sea Harrier ZA176 and Sub-Lt Ian Watson after the Alraigo docked in Santa Cruz, Tenerife, June 1983.
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