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    A custom level of Super Mario was built especially for the recent GamesCon that was held in Germany, where 974 people played the game simultaneously. Every screen was recorded and then compiled into one video for no particular reason.
    "974 runs of the custom Super Mario Bros Time Trial level collected at Gamescom 2013.
    There was a 3 second penalty for dying which explains all the frozen Marios. Also note that enemies and objects may not appear synced to the players - that is due to the way Mari0 (and the original SMB) works.
    Best time (blue Mario): 41.32 seconds"
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    Oneeyed pirate cat Sir Stuffington
    This pirate cat may not have the facial hair of Blackbeard; instead he has the whiskers of a daredevil.

    One-eyed rescue kitten Sir Stuffington has been tugging heartstrings on social media after his new foster mother started uploading pictures of his adventures on to Facebook. Sir Stuffington was born on the streets and suffered a raccoon attack when he was just a wee kitten, but he's overcome and is growing into a badass lil pirate.
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    Booooon envelopes
    Japanese graphic design studio D-Bros makes opening an envelope even more fun than reading what's inside. "Booooon!" (an onomatopoeia often used by children to imitate the sound of vehicles) comes with an illustration of an automobile, locomotive and airplane. When torn open they create trails of exhaust plumes!
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    Giant zipper installations
    Japanese artist Jun Kitagawa has placed whimsical giant zipper illustrations on floors, ponds, and other curious locations.
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    Money soap
    It's money laundering of the best sort. These pleasantly scented soap bars reward clean hands big and small with a surprise inside. You'll find cash money: either a $1, $5, $10, $20 or even a $50. $13
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    HalfSize Papercraft Model of a Lamborghini

    Designer Taras Lesko made a 8-foot-long papercraft model of a Lamborghini Aventador police car. The piece, made entirely out of glue and chipboard mounted prints, measures 8 feet long and weighs approximately 25 pounds.To see how he made it, watch the video above.
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    Fireman Cory Kalanick rescues an unconscious kitten from a burning house filled with smoke.
    Wrist Watch Post It Notes
    It is a good idea! You can write you own notes on the watch shaped notes that you wear on your wrist like a regular watch. You can wrap it around your wrist and stick the ends together so you have the reminder with you wherever you go. These things are quite a bit more expensive than your normal pad of Post-it notes about $13(USD) per pack of 100 notes. The pad measures 8.25 x 1.5 x 0.4-inches.  You can order them direct from PA-Design here, or Amazon.
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    Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake show you what a Twitter conversation sounds like in real life.
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    This is a cool stop-motion reverse haircut where the “artist” interacts with photos of the person getting his reverse haircut.
    DIY Indiana Jones Monkey Brain Cake
    There are very few scenes as memorable as that one where they eat monkey brain in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. Now you can relive that classic movie moment with your own chilled monkey brains cake courtesy of Instructable user BubbleandSweet.
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