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    The Cyclotron Bike
    Bike   /  
    The Cyclotron Bike is a spokeless bicycle look just like the look just like TRON Lightcycle. The seatpost has an active LED taillight for safety, and the rims have lighting inside for...
    The Floppotron
    Video   /  
    Cover of Imperial March by computer hardware orchestra.
    Incredible NOLOOK Catch Football
    Video   /  
    5'7" Ryan Smith Makes Incredible NO-LOOK Catch Football Touchdown
    Animals Sing System Of A Down s Chop Suey
    Video   /  
    Dogs, cats, goats, and other animals hilariously "sing" System Of A Down's 2001 alt metal hit "Chop Suey!" in the latest cleverly edited animal song cover by Insane...
    SALT The Pepper Spray Gun
    Gadget   /  
    The SALT Pepper Spray gun($350) is loaded with rounds filled with a powdered pepper spray that creates a chemical cloud upon impact, incapacitating anyone in the vicinity. With a range of...
    Jellyfish Becomes A Floating Safehouse For Tiny
    Video   /  
    This amazing encounter shows baby fish hiding under the bell of a jellyfish and using its stinging threads as protection from circling predators. This 'floating safe house' will provide...
    Pressing last toothpaste and ketchup out with hydraulic
    Video   /  
    Toothpaste and ketchup vs. hydraulic press
    10 Simple Summer Life Hacks
    Video   /  
    From water balloons to watermelon popsicles... Try out these Life Hacks right now
    7 Things You Didn t Know About Star Trek
    Video   /  
    7 Things You (Probably) Didn't Know About Star Trek!
    Polynesian Man Shows You How to Make Fire by Rubbing
    Video   /  
    Kap Te'O Tafiti from the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie, Hawaii, taught us how to make fire by rubbing sticks.
    Gordon Ramsay Perfectly Takes A Part A Lobster
    Video   /  
    Gordon demonstrates how to get every ounce of lobster out of its shell.
    Toilet Paper Machine 20
    Video   /  
    Useless Duck Company made their new, upgraded version of his popular, time-saving Toilet Paper Machine.
    50 Years of Internet History with Lilly Singh
    Video   /  
    Do you know what the first email ever sent was? Or the first item sold on Amazon? Lilly Singh guides us through some of the most important events in the history of the internet.
    Spinning Fast In Space Make You Dizzy
    Video   /  
    ESA astronaut Tim Peake, who has been on the ISS for months, tests how his body responds to being dizzy, after being rapidly spun.
    Watch the new Trailer for Suicide Squad
    Video   /  
    The squad's made up of some of DC's most famous villains, including Margot Robbie as the unhinged Harley Quinn, Will Smith as lethal marksman Deadshot, and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as...
    A Combination Knife Cutting Board Used Like A Pair Of
    Kitchen   /  
    This is the $15 Clever Cutter, a combination knife and cutting board that cuts food like a scissor cuts paper."Clever Cutter 2-in-1 Knife & Cutting Board is the fast, easy way to...
    Plane Flies Under Tightrope Walker And Backflipping
    Video   /  
    This is a video of a stunt plane simultaneously flying under a tightrope walker and a guy performing a backflip on a motorcycle."Aerobatic pilot Melissa Andrzejewski flies under...
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