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    The Unspillable Mug
    Video   /  
    This Cup Is Unspillable - What Magic Is This?
    Korean movie theaters are awesome
    Video   /  
    Seriously awesome. As in "an entire theater of fully reclining La-Z-Boys" awesome. As in "a 3-course meal with your movie" awesome. As in "this bathroom is so...
    A Swing Band of DifferentlyAbled Musicians Present the Amazing Athletes of the 2016 Paralympic
    Video   /  
    "We’re The Superhumans", a wonderful 3-minute BBC Channel 4 trailer for the upcoming 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio, a wonderful swing band made up of incredibly talented...
    Grumpy Cat Pancake Art
    Video   /  
    Pancake artist TigerTomato meticulously makes a pancake in the shape of the famously grumpy feline, Grumpy Cat.
    Homer Simpson Gets Pok mon Go Fever
    Video   /  
    "Pokémon Go is not only taking over the world but THE SIMPSONS as well. Even Homer has Pokémon Go fever! "
    How to Be a New Zealand Dad
    Video   /  
    New Zealander Jordan Watson demonstrates everything Kiwi (people from New Zealand) dads need to teach their kids before they turn two.
    When You Buy An Apple It s Already 1 Year Old
    Video   /  
    When You Buy An Apple, It's Already 1 Year Old!
    Gary Gulman StandUp
    Video   /  
    Gary recounts the thrilling tale of how postal code abbreviations came to be.
    Readymade Weekender Japanese Dutch Oven
    Outdoor   /  
    The Readymade Weekender($255) is a mini Japanese Dutch oven for backyard, campsite or at-home roasting. It’s 13.4” long by 6.1” deep."Use it indoors on the range,...
    The Best CringeInducing News Bloopers
    Video   /  
    News Be Funny presents an uncomfortable compilation of the cringiest and most embarrassing moments that have happened during live news broadcasts.
    The Bourne Quadrilogy in 3 Minutes
    Video   /  
    "We are excited about the 5th Bourne installment, so here's the previous four movies all wrapped up in a nice 3 minute package. "
    The Best Fails of the Week 578455708765675100
    Video   /  
    Fail Army presents a roundup of the funniest fail videos that hit the Internet during the second week of July 2016.
    The Beauty of Game of Thrones
    Video   /  
    Video editor Zurik put together this stunning supercut of beautiful and beautifully tragic scenes from Game of Thrones, set perfectly to Clarity's melancholic cover of Coldplay's...
    Snoop Dogg On Family Feud
    Video   /  
    Snoop Dogg's Crazy Fast Money!
    The Arcus 3D Printed Rubber Band Gatling Gun
    DIY   /  
    The Arcus is a fully 3D printable rubber band Gatling gun that is capable of delivering 48 rubber bands downrange in mere seconds. Designed and engineered by Matthew Davis(instructables)....
    The Heritage Chief Bicycles
    Bike   /  
    Chicago-based Heritage Bicycles make city bikes perfect for daily commuting with classic style. The bike equipped with handsome saddles, old-school mustache handlebars, and double-alloy...
    Everything You Need to Know About Pok mon GO
    Video   /  
    Pokémon Go is becoming insanely popular, but it's about as easy to learn how to use as Snapchat. So, The Verge's Chris Plante, Ross Miller, Miriam Nielsen and Kirsten Frisina bring...
    Rules Don t Apply Official Trailer
    Video   /  
    Here's the first look at Rules Don't Apply, an upcoming 2016 romantic comedy-drama film directed by and starring Warren Beatty (his first film in 15 years). The film, which features an...
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