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    You Suck at Cooking Game Day Artichoke Dip
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    "Do you like games? Do you like days? Do you like Artichokes? Do you like dips? Well boy oh boy do I have good news for you."
    Are You Suffering from Par ent ing
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    This hilarious commercial parody from The Dad introduces AphukenbrakE, a new drug that every parent needs in their life."Do you suffer from headaches, chronic fatigue, and Moana on...
    How to Make Eggs in a Nest from Frasier
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    "Toad in a hole. Spit in the ocean. One-eyed jack. Eggy in a basket. Gashouse eggs. All names for one delightfully simple treat: an egg fried into a piece of toast. Follow along this week...
    Why is it so Easy to be Thin in Japan
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    This video highlights the difference between the food environment of America and Japan. America's obesity rate is about 30% (biggest state is 37.7%, smallest 22.3%) whereas Japan's...
    A Boy Ate 3 Laundry Pods
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    This is what happened to his lungs. Teens are doing the 'Tide Pod Challenge' and it's completely insane and life threatening.
    Marvel s AntMan and the Wasp Official Trailer
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    Marvel Studios just released the first look at Ant-Man and the Wasp, the upcoming 2018 sequel to 2015's Ant-Man, and twentieth film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Ant-Man and the...
    Introducing The Amazing Compact Disc 1982
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    Towards 2000 debuted on the ABC in 1981. It was a half-hour program showcasing developments and inventions in science and technology. One of the early highlights was this report about the...
    Controlling An Airport From 80 Miles Away
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    London City Airport's getting a new control tower: but it's just going to be a large mast with 14 high-definition cameras on it. The actual tower will be 80 miles away, in the...
    Secret World of Stuff 19
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    SpongeBob SquarePants animator Sean Charmatz released his video and photo series, The Secret World of Stuff, that features all sorts of adorable objects expressing their emotions in the...
    A Young Girl Fights a Sandstorm to Hold on to Her Childhood in the Stop Motion Animated Short
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    Lili refuses to let go of her childhood and fights a sandstorm that threatens to take it away.In the heart of the storm she rediscovers the joy of childhood, but forced to choose between...
    Courageous Man Sets Guinness World Record for Juggling Four Samurai
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    Josh Horton attempts an incredible katana juggling record title! -
    Conan O Brien Learns to Cook Haitian Food
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    Conan learns the art of Haitian cuisine and plays with his food.
    The Invisible Pollution Deafening Cities
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    The Invisible Pollution Deafening Cities Worldwide
    Baby Rhino Playing in the Shower
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    Toronto Zoo Greater One-Horned Rhino Calf Playing In Shower
    Nicole Kidman Eats Bugs
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    Nicole Kidman shows off her secret talent - eating bugs!
    Smashing Stuff With Magnets in Super Slow Motion
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    In this clip from the second episode of their new series, "The Super Slow Show," Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy team up with Mayim Bialik from The Big Bang Theory to obliterate fruit, soda...
    A Tired Iguana Stranded Four Miles at Sea Catches a Ride Back to Shore With a Compassionate
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    "I was coming in from an offshore trip and I noticed a weird shaped object floating in the distance.  All I could see were the multiple fins running down its back so I though it...
    Cracking London  s Legendary Taxi Test
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    Imagine a world without GPS or sat navs, one where you’d have to commit to memory thousands of streets and landmarks just to get around town. For London’s black cab drivers, that’s...
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