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    Baby Falls Asleep as Daddy Plays Brahm s Lullaby
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    "Brahms Lullaby has always been a favorite of mine. So when last night baby Sam was having a difficult time sleeping due to an ear ache, I thought I'd take an impromptu attempt at...
    What People Ask About Your State
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    mental_floss did a Google query for each state, asking “Why does [state] …” and collected a new bounty of colorful questions."To stay on topic, we disregarded...
    Japan s Pro Snowball Fight
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    In Japan they take their snowballs very, very seriously. Yukigassen an insane snowball fight tournament with the annual championships help in Japan.
    Farmer Finds Egg Inside Of An Egg
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    Egg in an egg!
    Upside Down Wine Glass
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    An  Upside Down Wine Glass, available from RED5. It looks cool!"This glass looks exactly like your standard wine glass and it’s only when it is filled with lovely vino...
    Exercise vs Diet
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    Which is more significant for losing weight?
    Simon s Cat in Tough Love  A Valentine s Day
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    'A curious cat lands himself in big trouble!'
    A Man Finds Inspiration in His Walken Closet in Kia s Super Bowl 2016
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    "To create this campaign Kia partnered with acclaimed actor Christopher Walken and the lifestyle apparel brand, Stance, for the featured pizzazz socks. In signature style, Walken...
    Kung Fu Panda s Po Attempts to Promote His Father s Noodle Shop in Wix s Super Bowl 2016
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    Wix  presents the full-length version of their 2016 Big Game commercial, starring Kung Fu Panda!
    Clueless Gamer Super Bowl Edition  Doom
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    Conan celebrates the big game by playing "Doom" with the Denver Broncos' Von Miller, the Carolina Panthers' Josh Norman & Marshawn Lynch.
    Toddler GoPro Hide and Seek
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    Strap a GoPro to your toddler and play Hide & Seek. So much awesome!
    Willem Dafoe Stars As A Cranky Marilyn Monroe In 2016 Snickers Super Bowl
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    America’s original sweetheart isn’t so sweet when she’s hungry.
    How Rainbow Bagels are made
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    Rainbow bagles are making people are lose their minds in Brooklyn. The Bagel Store has made these awesome multicolored bagels with Funfetti cream cheese for 20 years.
    Are We Alone in the Universe
    Men   /  
    David Kaplan explores the best ways to search for alien life on distant planets.
    New Winter Sport Boar Curling
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    A group of ice skaters in Sweden curled four exhausted wild boars to the shore on a lake south of Stockholm. They were helplessly struggling like Bambi trying to excape from a small island in the middle of the lake, where they probably had run out of food. So the skaters gently pushed the boars across with poles, like they were sweeping curling stones across the ice.
    Sheriffs Dance To  Watch Me WhipNae Nae  In
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    The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office recently posted a video to Facebook of officers dancing to Silento’s “Watch Me” in the elevator.  Deputy Tony Scherb kicks...
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