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    Goji Play

    Goji Play($99 Amazon link ) is a new fitness tracking game that uses sensors and bundled hardware to make games for fitness. From the creators of Guitar Hero. It has a Bluetooth activity tracker to record your movements, and their iPad app, two dual button controllers that strap on to exercise equipment. So far, the Goji Play system supports eight games on iOS, each designed to enhance parts of a user’s workout experience. Watch the video of it in action, looks funny.
    92 Drinks Per Week
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    The statistics shown are from a study published by BMJ titled, “Were James Bond’s drinks shaken because of alcohol induced tremor?"
    Flat Pack Furniture by Benjamin Vermeulen

    Flat Pack Furniture by Benjamin Vermeulen
    This range of flat-packed furniture by Benjamin Vermeulen. These furniture is made of sheet steel and solid wood, with magnets in the wooden parts allowing each piece to be assembled in minutes with no tools.
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    UnBRELLA by Hiroshi Kajimoto

    The ‘UnBRELLA,’ designed by Hiroshi Kajimoto, an upside down, inside out umbrella. the inside out folding UnBRELLA, is not only better at resisting wind, but also folds upward to keep the wet surface inside and away from yourself and others, and the umbrella can be stood up on its own to dry without the need for an umbrella stand.
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    The Bluelace Project

    Blue, 51-inch-long, high-density, triple-braided, double-waxed cotton shoelaces with aluminum tips. They are not just accessories, the project is a collaboration between American apparel makers to help their country’s native manufacturers.
    $5+ pledge( on kickstarter)
    Deborah Simon  s Incredibly anatomy of bears
    New York based artist Deborah Simon sculpts faux-bears out of polymer clay, faux fur, linen, embroidery floss, acrylic paint, glass, wire and foam. Aside from their size (around 22″ high), Simon’s bears are realistically detailed and meticulously fabricated. Her inside-out bears tread the boundaries of taxidermy, toy, and sculpture. Simon’s work was recently exhibited at packer schopf gallery for context in miami coinciding with art basel miami beach 2013.
    Evolution has always held a particular fascination for me, informing how I create and group the animals in my work. As I’ve read and dug through museum collections to research my pieces, western science’s mania for labeling, codifying and collecting has stood out. Most of this categorizing bears little resemblance to how animals and plants exist out in the natural world and I find this disconnect fascinating.”
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    Luke Aker of Ikonik Films made a luxury car commercial to sell his crappy 1996 Nissan GLE Sport Sedan. Watch the video!
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    A slow-motion video of a Christmas tree made of detonation cord. The slow-mo part starts at the 2:55 mark:
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    The BriefSkate is "the worlds first skateboard line with built in storage for your iPad, iPhone, and other personal items." Good idea?
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    Everything Wrong With The Return Of The King
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    20th Century Fox offered Casey Neistat $25,000 to create a promo video for Walter Mitty. Neistat used the movie’s entire $25,000 promotional budget to help victims of Philippines typhoon Haiyan.
    Severed hand kept alive on man s ankle
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    "Chinese doctors have saved a man’s severed hand by grafting it to his ankle, it is reported. Xiao Wei lost his right hand in an accident at work but could not have it reattached to his arm right away. Instead, the hand was kept alive by stitching it to Mr Wei’s left ankle and “borrowing” a blood supply from arteries in the leg." According to the report, Mr Wei's doctors from the Changsha region say he will need to undergo several other operations but they are hopeful that he will regain full function of his hand. [ The image looks terrible!]
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