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    Burger stone
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    A natural stone that is like a burger on the first sight.
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    Hello Kitty shoes
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    If you are a big fan for the cute and sweet Hello Kitty, you can use Hello Kitty's fashion sense to accent your own and take her wherever your feet may carry you with these Randa's limited edition Hello Kitty shoes.
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    Sky Planter
    Wanna add a little charm to your home? The Sky Planter that can be hung upside down is a good choice. Sky Planter is an ingenious planting system that's easy to set up, rigs up just about anywhere using various cord lengths, and prevents soil from falling out thanks to a locking disk that fits around the stem.
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    Most popular sports in the world
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    Most popular sports in the world
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    How much time do you have left? Time makes sense in small pieces. But when you look at huge stretches of time, it's almost impossible to wrap your head around things..
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    Fancy Headset Translates Dog Thoughts

    Enter No More Woof, the headset that wants to translate your dog's thoughts into human-speak.
    "No More Woof reads your dog's mind via electroencephalogram sensors — it measures brain waves. The folks at NSID say they've decoded some of the most easily detected doggie thought patterns, like "I'm hungry," "I'm tired," and "I want to pee." Using a brain-computer interface powered by a Raspberry Pi, No More Woof turns these mental states into verbal cues"
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    "Three pilots celebrate Fred Christensen's birthday on the long flight home. HQ interrupts their celebration with a urgent order. The pilots are forced to go on their last mission together after learning they aren't going to make it back home."
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    When you're home for the holidays, sometimes you've got to get busy on your childhood twin bed.
    Gingerbread Optimus Prime
    Artist Caroline Eriksson made this edible Optimus Prime, using 700-800 individual pieces of gingerbread.
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    Ratio Eight Coffee Machine
    Ratio Eight , an eight-cup brewer with a cantilevered top and base made of aluminum with a nickel-plated finish, buttressed by sleek Oregon black walnut. Ration is a simple one-button design, with automatically programmed temperature, time, and water dispensing variables. It can make up to 40oz of brewed coffee, or as little as 16, with settings auto-adjusted based on the amount of water in Ratio’s tank. The brewer uses a magnet to detect if its custom carafe is in place; this carafe can fit Chemex paper or Able Kone metal filters, and will come with an attractive, distinctive cork base.
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    Thaidesigned security panties
    Some overly creative designers in Thailand created a pair of security panties that have a built-in penis, aiming at protecting your girly bits and ward off a man's lustful thoughts at the same time.
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