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    Container Ship SNAPS In Half
    Video   /  
    A Spanish cargo ship collides with a sea wall off the Southern French coast during a storm. Massive waves pound into the ship relentlessly until the hull gives way and splits. Thankfully,...
    MIT s Interactive Dynamic Video
    Video   /  
    Researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) have recently developed an imaging technique called Interactive Dynamic Video (IDV) that lets...
    Kenobi A Star Wars Story FanMade Teaser
    Video   /  
    Toronto, Ontario-based filmmaker and editor Rich Williamson cleverly used clips from the Star Wars prequels and Ewan McGregor's 2015 Biblical drama film, Last Days in the Desert, to...
    GoggleEyed Cuttlefish
    Video   /  
    Researchers aboard the E/V Nautilus - a research vessel which is exploring the ocean off the coast of California - are blown away by this adorable, goggle eyed cuttlefish.
    Weird Video Men In Chairs
    Video   /  
    Every now and then you happen to come upon a very strange video. Like this one. Who are those men and why are they screaming?
    Sorority Girls Chanting Will Terrify You
    Video   /  
    Alpha Delta Pi at the Gates of Hell
    Jonah Hill on Working with Martin Scorsese
    Video   /  
    The 'Wolf of Wall Street' actor reveals what it was like working with famed director Martin Scorsese.
    Pilot Ditches Airplane With Engine Problem
    Video   /  
    Light aircraft crashes into the sea during an emergency ditching at the Herne Bay Airshow 14th August 2016 following suspected engine trouble. The pilot walked away with minor injuries !
    Head Hammock
    Gadget   /  
    The NodPod by Paula, this head hammock let you sleep on the car or on the plane." The NodPod recreates how you sleep on a bed but in an upright position."You can pre-order the...
    The Deadliest Garden in the World
    Video   /  
    Locked behind black steel doors in Northumberland, England, the Poison Garden at Alnwick Castle grows around 100 infamous killers. From deadly nightshade to hemlock, the only way a plant...
    Inappropriate Moments in James Bond Movies
    Video   /  
    A look into some fucked up moments by Dr. No Means Yes.
    Is It OK To Pee In The Pool
    Video   /  
    Short answer: No, but everyone does it anyway so swim at your own risk.
    Strong Tape
    Video   /  
    Redneck Drives a Duct Tape Car off a Cliff!
    How to Become a Pirate
    Video   /  
    Joe Bereta humorously explains everything you need to become swashbuckling pirate on the open seas.
    College Students React to the 100 Layers
    Video   /  
    The Fine Brothers, Benny and Rafi, ask a group of college students to share their thoughts on the bizarre but popular "100 Layers challenge" viral Internet trend.
    Telephone Courtesy 1950 s Social Guidance
    Video   /  
    The do's and don'ts of telephone courtesy for office workers, presented by the American Telephone and Telegraph Co Bell System (AT&T).
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