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    Alien Xenomorph Wood Stove
    DIY   /  
    This Alien Wood Burner made by doddieszoomer (instructables user). It's shaped like the head of the xenomorph from Alien. He comments on Facebook that "this should keep the...
    The CydeKick Pro Charges Your Phone While Riding Your
    Bike   /  
    The CydeKick Pro  converts a cyclist’s motion into electrical energy for charging phones via USB, as well as powering the bike’s lights. This idea looks cool, but why not...
    The GazeBox
    Other   /  
    The GazeBox  is an Italian-made shell for your car. The iron framework automatically opens with the push of a button and  is fitted out with anti-UV polycarbonate paneling. The...
    Key  Peele Severed Head Warriors
    Video   /  
    A barbarian warrior learns the finer points of playing with an opponent's decapitated head.
    Dad Builds the World s Longest Seesaw so that he can play with His Son 730 Miles
    News   /  
    Liu Haibin, 30, is an engineer who works in Xiamen City, China.  His work takes him away from his family, which lives 730 miles away in Tengzhuo City. Two identical see-saws have...
    Swincar Spider
    Other   /  
    'Swincar Spider' is an  extremely electric offroad car by French company Mecanroc."Here we are, Swincar comes to life after many years of research, reflections, testing and...
    Motorola Moto Surround Bluetooth Headphones
    Headphone   /  
    Motorola's Moto Surround($70) Bluetooth Headphones is wireless in-ear headphones which is designed so nothing will get in the way of your music, whether you’re working, traveling,...
    More Unbelievable Spreads
    Pic   /  
    More Unbelievable Spreads by Gemma Correll.
    Iron Man Goes on a Rampage in Grand Theft Auto V
    Gaming   /  
    JulioNIB of GTA X Scripting created a Grand Theft Auto V mod adds  Iron Man to game. "Not so bad for a first try to adapt a armor model to GTA V"
    The Ejector Bed Cool
    Design   /  
    This is the ejector bed built by Colin Furze. When the alarm clock goes off it activates two flashing lights, two fire alarms, a firework, two semi truck horns, then launches you out of...
    Picture of day  nbsp Blue eyes
    Pic   /  
    Blue eyes
    Game of Thrones  Actor Hafthor Bjornsson Wins Europe  s Strongest
    Video   /  
    The mountain from game of thrones (hafþór julius bjornsson) competed in Europe's Strongest Man on the 12th July 2015 in Leeds and defended his title which never looked in...
    Building the slinky machine
    Video   /  
    Building the slinky escalator for never ending slinky stair traversal.
    Ferrari 488 Spider
    SportsCars   /  
    The Ferrari 488 Spider powered by a 3902 cc turbo-charged V8 taken from the 488 GTB that produces a burly 660hp. From 0-62 mph in just 3 seconds, and a maximum speed of over 200. The...
    How many chess games are possible
    Video   /  
    Dr James Grime talking about the Shannon Number and other chess stuff. More soon on chess positions and numbers.
    7x7 Rubik s cube world record 2 2355
    Video   /  
    7x7 Rubik's cube world record: 2:23.55
    Design   /  
    Hairdo designed by Avihai Shurin, a clever cookie cutter design for baking character-shaped treats that kids can nibble at to create a hairstyle.
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