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    I Miss You
    Video   /  
    "A movie about missing a loved one. And what you'll do to feel that you are close even though you are far far away"
    Real Star Trek Currency
    Film   /  
    They're not Federation credits or gold-pressed latinum, but if you're in the Pacific island nation of Tuvalu, you can use these coins as legal tender. The Perth Mint of Australia are...
    North Drinkware
    Other   /  
    North Drinkware debuts on Kickstarter, a custom blown 16 oz. glass that has Mt. Hood - Oregon’s highest peak at 11,250 feet  into the base.
    Heisenberg Breaking Bad Toto Parody
    Video   /  
    Good lord do I love Breaking Bad! On my 3rd time through the show on Netflix, I thought, “This show would be ill-suited to pair with a very 80s and super-awesome Toto song!”
    DARPA s RE2 Robotics making a nbsp balloon
    Tech   /  
    Watch DARPA's RE2 Robotics is making a  balloon animal!
    Launch rockets into orbit using jet fighters
    Tech   /  
    DARPA's new idea, they are planning to lauch rockets into low earth orbit using jet fighters. "DARPA’s Airborne Launch Assist Space Access program (ALASA) seeks to propel...
    Crayons shaped like Minifigs
    Other   /  
    These Minifig/Crayons are Cool!
    Bra art by Louise Low Seok Loo
    Projects   /  
    Louise Low Seok Loo, a Malaysian artist, uses thousands of bra cups to form sculptures and cover other objects. She had hoped to draw public curiousity and attention to her mission by...
    My Dad  s Story
    AD   /  
    A little girl loves her daddy dearly, and admires him, too. Still, she knows more about her daddy than he realizes. She know he’s a liar.It looks like the ad agency that does those...
    8 Sick Remedies That Actually Work
    Video   /  
    Which of your sick remedies are actually helping?
    America s wealthiest pet owners by zip code
    Pic   /  
    Varick Media Management correlated people visiting pet-related websites to wealth by zip code. These are the 10 wealthiest, pet loving zip codes in the US.
    Misconceptions about Crime
    Video   /  
    This week, Elliott discusses some misconceptions about crime!
    Video   /  
    Some of the most popular apps on your smartphone ask for permissions that expose data to outside sources. We asked people on the street to read some of these permissions out loud so we...
    Gorgeous portraits of owls
    Pic   /  
    The National Audobon Society's magazine has a gorgeous feature on photographer Brad Wilson's incredible portraits of owls of all kinds. "It’s hard to get animals to look at...
    lift off
    Pic   /  
    lift off
    Japanese army troops have built a giant  Star Wars  snow
    Pic   /  
    The design features the villainous Darth Vader wielding an icy lightsaber, flanked by a posse of three Stormtroopers. Following the festival’s tradition, Japanese army troops built...
    How Does it Grow Mushrooms
    Video   /  
    How are mushrooms grow.
    A collection of Ways to Tie a Necktie
    Pic   /  
    A collection of Ways to Tie a Necktie
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