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    SnappyScreen Covers You in Sunblock in Less Than 10
    Gadget   /  
    SnappyScreen is a sunblock applying booth that sprays sunblock over your entire body in less than 10 seconds. You use a touchscreen to select your level of SPF, indicate whether you're...
    Lamborghini Huracan Snowmobile by Rain Prisk
    Design   /  
    Lamborghini Huracan Snowmobile designed by Rain Prisk Designs. This design looks so cool, turn a Lamborghini Huracan into a snowmobile! The Lamborghini Huracan powered by a 602-hp...
    You Are So Hot Prank
    Video   /  
    Seriously you are so hot!
    Spector captures printed fonts and sends the details to
    Gadget   /  
    When a designer sees typography they like or a color that might be useful for a project, the first move is usually to snap a picture with their phone. Royal College of Art MA student...
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    BikeBlock Bike Stand
    Bike   /  
    BikeBlock Bike Stand is a concrete bike stand, desiged by Danish company Urbanature. Simple and Cool"The Bikeblock is suitable for all people living in a big city who need to park...
    Hilarious Magic Foods Pranks
    Video   /  
    How to do 10 AWESOME, easy and fun magic pranks with food!!
    Thomas the Tank Engine  s Face Disturbingly Crawls on Walls and Ceilings With Green Glowing
    Video   /  
    Hobbyist In Japan Turns Thomas The Tank Engine Into A Freaking Nightmare. [ link ]
    Batman vs Daredevil FanMade Trailer
    Video   /  
    Alex Luthor imagines what showdown between Batman and Daredevil would look like by masterfully mashing together clips from season one of Marvel's Daredevil Netflix series and the DC...
    A Terrifying Supercut of Movie Jump Scares
    Video   /  
    "Can you make it to the end?"
    Sing Official Trailer 2
    Film   /  
    Here's the second trailer for Sing, the upcoming 2016 computer-animated musical comedy film from the creators of Despicable Me and Minions. Sing, which features the voices of Scarlett...
    Retro 1950s Cover of Bruce Springsteen s Dancing in the
    Video   /  
    Kansas City-based singer-songwriter Von Smith performs a 1950s doo-wop-inspired rendition of Bruce Springsteen's 1984 hit, "Dancing in the Dark," with pianist Scott Bradlee and...
    Mars A New Narrative National Geographic Series About the First Crewed Mission to
    Video   /  
    Mars is an upcoming narrative series about the first crewed mission to Mars on the fictional spacecraft Daedalus. In the series, the craft launches from Earth in the year 2033 to begin...
    The Magnificent Beauty of Albania Captured in a Short Aerial TiltShift TimeLapse
    Video   /  
    Awesome Albania Tilt-Shift Time-Lapse Film"Albania has been one of the best kept traveller secrets in Europe for a few years. Even with tourism expanding now it is still an amazing...
    Table 19 Official Trailer
    Video   /  
    Here's the first look at Table 19, an upcoming 2017 comedy-drama starring Anna Kendrick, Craig Robinson, Amanda Crew, Stephen Merchant, June Squibb, and Lisa Kudrow. The film comes to...
    How to Become A Treasure Hunter
    Video   /  
    Learn everything you need to know about stealin' booty and finding buried treasure!
    PerfectTiming Villain
    Video   /  
    In the latest sketch from Chris Smith and Jack De Sena, evil villainous mastermind, Professor Yuri, (Chris) perfects the art of perfect timing, with help from his assistant, Shannon,...
    Conan O Brien Proves PBS Faked Their 4th of July
    Video   /  
    "PBS is under fire for including pre-recorded explosions in their 4th of July celebration, but it's pretty obvious if you paid attention."
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