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    X23 Cosplay with deadly weapon
    This awesome costume was modeled by KOCosplay for Katsucon 19 and NYCC. The deadly weapons incude the spikes on her boots, and the claws.
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    A suit made for bike riders
    For the bike riders who have to dress formally, the commuter Suit from Parker Dusseau is a godsend. The suit is made to be breathable and even features zippered vents for when you're about to break a steady sweat. The fabric stretches to allow for a more comfortable riding experience and the pants sport a button cuff so you can roll them up easily and keep them from the devilish jaws of your chain.

    On top off all the other features, the shirt, pants and other accessories even have reflective elements that can be hidden during the work day to help you out on your ride home after the sun goes down. Available online.
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    Kringle Sleigh
    On the first look at the this special sleigh, I could think of the song lyrics "Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way! O what fun it is to ride in a one-horse open sleigh". This sleigh is like the Sleigh where the Santa sits on. Made by Steuart Padwick from Kringle, the sleigh integrates comfort and practicality. It has a cosy woollen seat, heated by a front-mounted lunar panel and an almost limitless cargo bay. It’s crafted from steam-bent Scandinavian white ash and finished with phosphor bronze skis for smooth travel.
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    As travelers board planes this holiday, please be aware of 12 actual banned items from the Transportation Security Administration.
    Ever wondered what Santa and his crew are up to during their time off?
    The animation created by Jens & Anna.
    FINSix Laptop Adapter the world s smallest Laptop
    The FINSix Laptop Adapter looks like an elongated version of the tiny charger Apple includes with the iPhone, but it's able to provide a laptop with 65W of power. FINSix claims " a full-powered AC adapter that is four times smaller and six times lighter than what is typically found on the market today", it is even includes a 2.1A USB port on the end, so you can also use this adapter to charge your smartphone or tablet. This adapter replaces your phone and tablet chargers as well. Brilliant, pricing hasn't been nailed down yet, but when it's available starting mid-2014.
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    The ToastyMUG by Sabrina Fossi Design
    The ToastyMUG designed by Sabrina Fossi Design. The mug has built-in “pockets” so you can slip your hands inside to stay extra toasty. Unfortunately it’s just a concept at the moment, but hopefully it will make its way into production soon
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    What is the best way to ease someone's pain and suffering? In this beautifully animated RSA Short, Dr Brené Brown reminds us that we can only create a genuine empathic connection if we are brave enough to really get in touch with our own fragilities.
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    Drone Survival Guide
    Created by Amsterdam-based designer Ruben Pater, the Drone Survival Guide(big pic) is, on one side, a rough bird watcher's guide to the modern robot at war. The other side is a short section of printed survival tips, and the guides are available in Pashto, Dutch, German, Italian, Indonesian, Arabic, and English.
    "Our ancestors could spot natural predators from far by their silhouettes. Are we equally aware of the predators in the present-day? Drones are remote-controlled planes that can be used for anything from surveillance and deadly force, to rescue operations and scientific research. Most drones are used today by military powers for remote-controlled surveillance and attack, and their numbers are growing. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) predicted in 2012 that within 20 years there could be as many as 30.000 drones flying over U.S. Soil alone. As robotic birds will become commonplace in the near future, we should be prepared to identify them. This survival guide is an attempt to familiarise ourselves and future generations, with a changing technological environment."
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    Everything Wrong With Die Hard In 7 Minutes
    Magnetic Voice Recorder Next Generation
    Record your own 10-second messages.
    Soft silicone rubber.
    3.3" x 2.4" 0.4".
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    By Colin Rich, he wirtes:
    "'City Lights' is the final chapter from my "Trilogy of Light" series that began a couple years ago with 'LA Light' and then followed up with 'Nightfall'. It was an nightly adventure that took me to almost every angle of Los Angeles. It was an exercise in patience. A lesson in light. An understanding of what it is to live amongst each other and to understand the system and order of a city, the seemingly complex organics that make it up and the life form that the city truly is. A visualization of sonder. It was a daily jaunt to watch the arterial freeway systems pump car cells through its body and channel them to the capillaric avenues that are our neighborhoods and homes. It was a chance to break away from the 70mph freeway perspective and to observe the sun slip from view and watch the electric dance of nightfall begin. It was challenging. It was frustrating. Definitely dangerous at times. Sometimes it hurt. I was chased. Yelled at. Warned. But the overall context of things learned, people met, things seen, and places discovered over the past three years shaped who I am today. I didn't always love Los Angeles but I learned to and discovered that this city is much more than temperate weather, palm trees, pretty girls, and beaches; to me the true beauty behind the city lies hidden on the other end of a rusted fire escape to a view no one else has seen."
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