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    The Spitfire s Fatal Flaw
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    The Spitfire's Fatal Flaw
    Kevin Smith Responds To Person Critiquing His
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    At the 'Yoga Hosers' Q&A in New Orleans, Kevin Smith deals with a guy that said the movie sucked. This is how he deals with the situation.
    Fox Cub Rescued From A Living Room
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    Fox cub rescued from a living room
    Will Smith and Stephen Colbert Ponder Deep
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    Late Show host Stephen Colbert and actor Will Smith ponder some of life's deepest questions while lying under a starry sky.
    34 Interesting Facts About Olympic History
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    This week, Mike shares some of the most important moments in Olympic history.
    A Supercut Tribute to 80s Movie Dance Scenes
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    Las Vegas-based video editor Robert Jones perfectly synced 80 memorable dance scences from classic 1980s films with Lionel Richie’s '80s hit, "Dancing On the Ceiling."
    Welcome To The Mojave Desert Where Hackers Are Using AI Software To Build
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    " On this episode of Hello World, Ashlee Vance camps out in the Mojave Desert, where a breed of wild inventors have created a playground to push custom-created cars and spaceships to...
    Golden Thrones Video Game Urinals at CocaCola
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    Golden Thrones, a web series that travels the globe in search of unusual bathrooms, visits the Coca-Cola Park baseball stadium in Allentown, Pennsylvania to check out the stadium's...
    Pizza Pancake Art
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    Saint Louis-based artist Daniel Drake makes a colorful, detailed pancake versions of tasty looking pizza.
    Cute Baby Elephant Bathing
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    This little baby elephant adores getting splashed by water.
    A Liquid Nitrogen Freeze Ray Battles a Flame Thrower in a Florida
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    Liquid Nitrogen Freeze-Ray Vs. Flamethrower
    Crushing Flowers And Cactus With Hydraulic Press
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    Plants vs. Hydraulic Press
    See How an Insane 7Circle Roundabout Actually
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    Your first thought upon seeing Swindon's 'magic roundabout' might be: man, the Brits have really lost the plot lately. But this thing—which is actually seven roundabouts in...
    A Bunch of Cats Licking a Giant Ball of Ice
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    10 Cats to Enjoy Ice Ball
    Simon s Cat Desperately Tries to Hide While the Room Is Being Watched Through a 360
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    "Watch our brand new 360 degree video! Drag your mouse or tilt your phone to explore the room. Can you count how many times you can see a sneaky Simon's Cat? "
    Crumpler Vis Vis Clear Rolling Suitcase
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    Australian luggage company Crumpler has introduced the Vis-à-Vis clear rolling suitcase. The clear polycarbonate trunk is 46.5cm x 68cm x 25cm and sells for AU$745.00. It is made...
    So Uh What s The Best Pooping Position
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    Everybody poops ... but is it possible that you're pooping all wrong? Learn the science behind the greatest debate of our time: squat vs. sit!
    Jeffrey Reuniting With His Mother After 10 Years
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    Jeffrey’s wife Shannon says, “Jeffrey’s brother surprised him today by flying in from Florida to meet Christian and I. Jeff’s mom came all the way from Libreville,...
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