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    Humpshaped house covered in plants
    A layer of grasses, herbs and flowers blankets the roof of this hump-shaped house near Reims, France, by architect Patrick Nadea. The hump-shaped house is called La Maison-vague, which means Wave House in English. It has the shape of a mound or hill covered in plants.
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    Speedrun: Terminator 2 Judgement Day in 60 seconds
    Man Grows an Epic CatThemed Mustache Spectacular for
    Orlando, Florida teacher Jonathan Burnside grew an epic mustache that joined his chest hair to create the illusion of a cat! He said,
    ‘I just did a handlebar moustache and then cut half of it off,’ he explained.
    ‘I made a template to get the basic shape. Then I shaved negative space lines for the details, which did not show up on camera.
    ‘Then my wife did an outline in eye liner, which also did not show up on camera. Then I just went ahead and outlined it in Sharpie.’
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    Crow Mask
    Crow Mask($28) from Archie McPhee.
    "Our Crow Mask is the best way to dress as a crow or we’ll eat… well… crow. It’s perfect for dressing as a bad omen or eating roadkill without being judged. This realistic, latex mask cries out for you to scare old people feeding stale bread to birds in the park. Buy a Crow Mask for all your friends and form a murder! (A group of crows is called a murder. Do not actually murder people. It is wrong.)"
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    This is a Japanese ad for Autoway tires comes with a health warning and is probably the scariest commercial you’ve ever seen!
    If you have some medical concerns or don’t like scary stuff – don’t watch it! Almost choked on my own heart at that.
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    Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone
    Chicago-based company Gramovox has merged the old with the new in its Bluetooth Gramophone. It is a 3:4 scale replica of the 1920s R2 Magnavox horn speaker and packs a Bluetooth 3.0 module to allow wireless connection of mobile devices.
    "We proudly introduce the Gramovox™: World’s First Bluetooth Gramophone. Our bold design and vintage sound are inspired by the 1920s Magnavox R3 Horn Speaker. Its form and function are a marriage of vintage and modern aesthetics—producing a timeless piece that allows you to stream nostalgia.
    Our S-curve horn is a 3:4 scale reproduction of the 1920s R3 Magnavox horn. It is acoustically-optimized to brilliantly amplify music generated from the wood base. Our final horns will be manufactured out of steel and brass. For our prototype we used stereolithography (SLA) to 3D print the horn. After printing it, we painted/textured the horn black and silk-screened our logo. We chose a clean, classic typeface for a beautiful aesthetic complement."
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    A sea eagle has recorded unusual footage of WA's remote Kimberley after stealing a video camera and taking it on a 100 kilometre journey.
    "Unexpectedly our camera went missing so we thought we had lost it because it fell into the water," Gooniyandi ranger Roneil Skeen said.
    But a few weeks ago, they got a phone call to say a Parks and Wildlife ranger had found the small device at the Mary River, about 110 kilometres away.
    They have been able to extract three 30-second clips that reveal the culprit to be a thieving sea eagle.
    The footage shows the juvenile eagle scooping up the recorder, and taking to the air.
    Later, it is deposited on the ground and the animal pecks at it."
    Kevin Parry and Andrea Nesbitt of Candy Glass Productions created a mountain spinning flyby effect in a sick hyperlapse of Mt. Hood. Here's the full video below. You can see the mountain spinning at around the 1:15 mark.
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    Flavorfilled chocolate paint tubes
    Nendo has designed a collection of limited edition chocolates for Japanese department store Seibu, that resembles a set of oil paints. Each of the 12 individual morsels of delectable goodness features a label that indicates the flavour / 'hue' inside, while also serving as a way of keeping one's fingers clean while enjoying the treats.
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    VW Campervan Children s Play Tent
    This new licensed TI VW Camper Van play tent is just what every hip and happening kid needs this summer. Perfect indoors and outdoors, these new mini versions of the iconic 1965 split-screen VW camper van are too cool for school. $50
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    Sprout bookmark
    The Sprout Bookmark by Korean designer Youngdoo Park of Doodoo design studio aims to evoke a sense of surprise by giving an impression of a plant growing out of a book. The slim profile allows you to leave it between the pages to mark your place, or let it stick out at the top of your reading material.
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