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    Turn your baby into burritos with the Tortilla swaddle
    New parents, there's no need to panic. If you know how to make a burrito then you already know how to swaddle your baby. If you can't quite visualize it, use the Tortilla Baby Swaddle.
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    LED Lamps Made From Real Bread
    These lamps by Pampshade aren't made of plastic but out of actual loaves of bread illuminated by a battery-powered LED. It's made of hard flour, weak flour and yeast that is then coated with a layer of resin once it's baked. You can put the little loaves anywhere you'd like a warm, soft light since they don't need to be plugged in.
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    Uncharted by Uncharted
    At first glance, this amazing piece seems like a simple candle with a burning wick and slowly melting wax dripping down the sides. However, upon closer inspection, an incredible little scene reveals itself in the form of digital art. Created by Indonesia-based artist Ferdi Rizkiyanto, Uncharted features the journey of a group of people as they climb the sides of the luminous tower of hot liquid. With cameras on their shoulders, the explorers fearlessly venture into new territory in search of discovery.
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    Handsfree Whopper holder
    For burger lovers who like to multi-task, Puerto Rico's Burger King has introduced the Hands-Free Whopper holder. The plastic burger holder hangs from the neck, leaving your hands free to perform all sorts of tasks.
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    Spock Socks With Pointy Ears
    These are Spock socks. They are a real, officially licensed product, but currently unavailable from Amazon. Spock Socks with ears.
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    Amazing Makeup Artist Tal Peleg transforms Eyelids into Works of
    Make-up artist Tal Peleg from Israel, paints fairy tales and great novels onto tiny areas of the face using only liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow. Tal Peleg uses eyelids as canvases.
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    Sesame Street: Lord of the Crumbs (Lord of the Rings Parody)
    "A stop motion film about a surreal moment on a lazy Sunday morning. We shot this entirely on Google Glass over 4 days, with over 1000 photos and drawings."
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    It's called the Donkey Kong Projector Wedding Cake, with other classic games showing up in the sequence. The games are projected from all sides onto the cake surface.
    It's from Posh Entertainment, a company that supplies DJs and and lighting to weddings, sweet sixteen parties, and mitzvahs.
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    Jetpack PC
    PiixL has launched a slimline PC called the Jetpack that slips in behind a flat-screen TV to act as a PC and SteamOS gaming machine. It is designed to be tucked away behind TVs ranging in size from 32-inches to 70-inches. It will be available from 1 January 2014 and prices will start around the $1,000.
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    Can anyone translate?
    Victorian Star Trek Dresses
    Cosplayer Genovefa and friend are dressed like Janeway and Data. They dreamed up these Starfleet-themed dresses with long skirts and a bit of Victorian-inspired corsetry.
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