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    Crazy Russian climbers Vadim and Vitaliy of Raskalovit climb up the second tallest building in the world, Shanghai Tower skyscraper in China.
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    John Green of Mental Floss, his newest educational video explores the weird origins of 40 words such as "noon," "denim," and "mortgage."
    Toshiba Chromebook
    The Toshiba Chromebook($280) features a 13.3-inch diagonal HD display with a 1366 x 768 screen resolution. Powered by Chrome OS. The Toshiba Chromebook, weighing just 3.3 pounds, powered by Intel Celeron 1.4 GHz Processor, 2GB of RAM, a 16GB solid state drive and 9.0-hour battery life.
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    Watch Elsa and the Disney Princesses come alive in this Frozen Live Action Musical!
    Sea Orbiter

    This is the SeaOrbiter, a 200-foot tall floating platform for aquatic exploration, and construction on it is due to begin this spring. A project by French architect Jacques Rougerie. The boat is meant to accommodate a team of 18-22 researchers, who will be able to spend 24 hours a day underwater. Cool!
    "Slightly over half of the structure will be submerged, and as you can see the core of the design is a sort of eight-story building housing a variety of labs and living quarters for the crew. The underside of the structure houses dive pits, special pressurized living quarters and “underwater garages.” Human divers living at atmospheric pressure can get down to 50 meters below the surface, while “saturation divers” living in the pressureized chambers can get down to 100 meters; beyond that, the SeaOrbiter will deploy exploration vehicles that can travel down to 1,000 meters, and will also deploy a bad-ass diving drone that can descend to 6,000 meters.
    Rougerie was able to secure some 70% of the €35 million required for construction, then turned to a Kickstarter-lookalike crowdfunding site called KissKissBankBank for the remaining 30%. The target was finally reached just last week, and construction is scheduled to begin shortly
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    Photos Of Shoes With Teeth

    Photos Of Shoes With Teeth
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    These photos of shoes with teeth by studio POP. Postproduction.
    "The result are wacky pictures of “laughing” shoes that are showing off their various sets of teeth—each shoe style also seems to have its own distinct personality that reflects that of its wearer. "
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    1966 Batman Valentines

    1966 Batman Valentines
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    Valentine’s Day is coming, Mark Anderson purchased a package of 1966 Doubl Glo Batman Valentines off eBay, although he probably paid more than the 59 cent cover price for them. These 1966 valentine-themed Batman pictures you can print and give to anyone you want to totally creep out on Valentine’s day.
    "Valentine’s Day is coming up fast, but instead of using boring store-bought cards this year, I’m using these bizarre 1966 Batman valentines that you really have to see to believe. And as long as I was scanning them in, I thought I’d share them so other people can use them too!"
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    Filmed at Mammoth Mountain Ski Area in Mammoth Lakes, CA.
    PillCam COLON Journey of the Colon
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    "PillCam COLON is an easy-to-swallow capsule that does not require sedation and is radiation-free. After the capsule is ingested, you are able to go about most of your daily activities throughout the procedure.
    The disposable capsule moves naturally through your digestive system as it captures and wirelessly transmits images of your colon to a recorder worn around your waist. The capsule is passed with a bowel movement and does not need to be retrieved to collect the images from the exam." The video looks Awesome!
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    Giant Bag of Canabis Pillow
    Giant Bag of Canabis Pillow made by Steelplant on kickstarter.
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    The video features clips from upcoming episodes, behind-the-scenes-footage, interviews with talent, and cast members' answers to questions posed by fans.
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    Camera falls from a sky diving airplane and lands on his own property in his pig pen. Mia Munselle found the camera 8 months later and viewed this video
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    Could stretching negatively affect performance?
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