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    SpaceX Interplanetary Transport System
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    SpaceX unveils the Interplanetary Transport System, a spaceship and rocket to colonize Mars.
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    The Gregory Brothers humorously imagine how things would have gone if 2016 Republican predidential candidate Donald Trump would have gone up against Richard Nixon and John F. Kennedy in...
    An Honest Trailer for Warcraft
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    "Dive into the video game movie that heightened our expectations of a video game movie, and then crushed them again."
    A Musical Remix of the First 2016 Presidential
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    In a first for U.S. presidential debates, Debbie Harry & Chris Stein of Blondie joined the candidates to transform their mortal arguments into heavenly duets.
    The Hacks of Life How To Sneak Into Movie
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    Los Angeles-based comedian and life hack guru Mike Capes, and his friends Amanda Cerny and Jack Vale, demonstrate several foolproof ways to sneak yourself, snacks, and booze into any...
    Marvel s Doctor Strange Official Trailer 2 477246780394238172
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    Here's the second sneak peek at Doctor Strange, the upcoming 14th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rachel McAdams,...
    Most Expensivest Sh t  600 Coffee
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    In the latest episode of GQ Magazine's "Most Expensivest Sh*t" series, host and rapper 2 Chainz checks out some pricey coffee making equipment and tastes $600 a pound Kopi Luwak...
    The Cast of Will  Grace Reunite for Hilarious New Mini Episode About the 2016 Presidential
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    Ten years after the finale of "Will & Grace", the cast reunites for the first time ever to take on the 2016 Presidential Election in their own inimitable way.
    There is a man who filmed himself annually for 35
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    There is a man who filmed himself annually for 35 years and made a video going backwards to 1977
    Watch The 1988 National Aerobic Championship
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    National Aerobic Championship USA 1988
    Slackline the Moai Tower
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    Nestled away in Fortescue Bay on the south east coast of Tasmania, Australia sits the 105 foot tall abrasive dolerite rock formation called Moai Tower. While this is more commonly a...
    When Your Best Friend is a Baby Kangaroo
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    Australian comedian Jackson O'Doherty gives a glimpse at some of the many activities he does with his best friend, Damian, the kangaroo joey.
    The CakeDozer
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    The CakeDozer($16.5) got a little bulldozer on the handle that gently pushes off whatever is on it. It make the process of serving cake and pie just a little bit easier. "This...
    My Car Plays Light Jazz
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    Roberto from stuffwhatidone discovered an oddly pleasant noise that his 2002 Audi makes whenever he opens its glove box. Nine months later, musician Duncan de Heusden expanded that...
    Ingredients In Toothpaste
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    Ancient toothpaste used stuff like rocks and bones - and modern toothpaste isn't all that different. Watch as chemist George Zaidan tries to create his own homemade toothpaste.
    Apple Watch Hermes Series 2 Launched
    Apple   /  
    Apple has now launched a new designer versions of its latest smartwatch, the Apple Watch Hermes Series 2 and prices for the device start at $1,149. The Apple Watch Hermes Series 2 comes...
    Picture of day NASA s Hubble observes possible water geysers on
    Pic   /  
    "This composite image shows suspected plumes of water vapor erupting at the 7 o’clock position off the limb of Jupiter’s moon Europa. The plumes, photographed by...
    Deaf Woman Performs an Amazing American Sign Language Interpretation of Alexander
    Video   /  
    Sarah Tubert, a talented 24-year old California woman who became deaf at the age of three due to a severed facial nerve, performed an absolutely amazing American Sign Language (ASL)...
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