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    Fitbit Introduces a Smartwatch Called The Fitbit
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    Fitbit introduces the Versa smartwatch($200) that offers a new dashboard that simplifies how you access your health and fitness data set to arrive this second quarter. The Fitbit Versa...
    First Trailer for Wim Wenders Doc Pope Francis A Man of His
    Film   /  
    Focus Francis - A Man of His Word, a look at the uniqueness of this current Pope - Pope Francis, originally from Argentina."“Pope Francis - A Man of His Word,” is...
    A Young Man Builds His Own Arm and Hand Prosthetics Using
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    "Ever since he was a kid, David Aguilar was obsessed with Lego. He spent his childhood building cars, planes, helicopters, and eventually, his own prosthetic. Born with a deformed arm,...
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    Circus Performer Does a Mesmerizing Performance With Six Hula
    Video   /  
    Melbourne circus performer Olivia Watts does a mesmerizing performance with six hula hoops to the Ray Charles song "Losing Hand."
    Darth Vader Stovetop Kettle
    Gadget   /  
    This Star Wars Darth Vader Stovetop Kettle is designed to resemble the silhouette of Darth Vader‘s iconic shiny black helmet. In space, no-one can hear you steam… which is a...
    How to Make the PineappleCurry Fried Rice from the Anime Series Food Wars  Shokugeki no
    Video   /  
    "If you're looking for unique humor, delicious-looking food, and rampant cartoon sexualization, look no further than Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma. In this culinary fist fight, the owner...
    Alicia Vikander Answers the Internet s Most Searched Questions About
    Video   /  
    Tomb Raider's Alicia Vikander Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions
    Honest Trailers Bright
    Video   /  
    "Honest Trailers" provides a BS-free summary for Netflix's 2017 Will Smith-led fantasy crime film, Bright.
    Household Items Getting Launched From a Giant Catapult in Super Slow
    Video   /  
    In this clip from the latest episode of Gavin Free and Dan Gruchy's The Super Slow Show series, high-speed cameras capture household objects, including a fridge filled with soda,...
    Gif water
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    Cockatiel Sings the Super Mario Bros Theme Song
    Video   /  
    I can sing the theme from "Super Mario Bros.!" I sure do like talking to my twin in the mirror!
    Stephen Hawking Has Died at the Age of 76
    News   /  
    Renowned British theoretical physicist and Cambridge Professor Stephen Hawking has "died peacefully at his home in Cambridge" at the age of 76, according to a spokesperson for the Hawking...
    The First Trailer for Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of
    Film   /  
    Warner Bros. Pictures just released the first teaser trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, an upcoming 2018 spinoff of the Harry Potter film series, and the sequel to...
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    A Musical Mashup of 45 Comic Book Movie Villains
    Video   /  
    The villains rule the roost in this new mashup tribute to 45 Comic Book Movie villains.
    Tom Slavik s Intense Winning Run Mountain
    Video   /  
    Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo 2018
    Clip Ejecting Rubber Band Gun
    Video   /  
    Some kind of weird mash-up between an M1 Garand and a Winchester 1895. The clips only hold five shots each but reloading is very easy and quick.
    LA vs NY Kids Who s Smarter
    Video   /  
    Jimmy has lived in LA for many years, but was born in Brooklyn and whether it's about food or sports, there is a rivalry between New York and L.A. Kids who've never been to either city...
    The Saucemoto
    Other   /  
    This is the Saucemoto, a $5.50 fast-food sauce holder (available in red, blue, black and gray) that clips to your car's air vent and can hold most dipping sauce containers including...
    World s Oldest Message In A Bottle Discovered On Australian
    Other   /  
    A 132-year old German message in a Dutch gin bottle was recently discovered by a Perth family while taking a stroll along a Western Australia beach just north of Wedge Island. The...
    Animation Of A Boston Dynamics SpotMini Migration Across The Desolate
    Video   /  
    "This is a Planet Earth parody animation created by Nicolas King with the help of fellow artists Vojislav Milanovic, Ramtin Ahmadi and Nawaz Ahmed imagining a not-so-distant future where...
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