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    Old Spice's Get Shaved in the Face Commercial, funny
    Disney Princes As Women

    Disney Princes As Women
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    Here’s what a few Disney Princes would look like if they were ladies… More images jump more.
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    M37 Howitzer Tank
    Other   /   Comments
    Now you can order an American-made 1945 M37 tank with a 105mm Howitzer mortar cannon from a auction(July 12, 2014).
    "The vehicle being offered, M37 105mm HMC, serial number 115, was built in October 1945 by American Car and Foundry. It was used as a training vehicle at Fort Knox until the mid-1950's after which time it was sent to Sioux City, IA for display. It was sold for scrap in 1989 in very poor condition. A complete and thorough restoration of the M37 took place at the MVTF during 1994-95 with many parts being rebuilt or replaced. This M37 is beyond a doubt the best one in existence! Included with it are a full load 105mm howitzer round packing tubes. It was last driven in January 2014. "
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    At the start, thousands of car parts simultaneously assemble around Dan to form the RB10. Cool
    Video   /   Comments
    Ultimate Close Call Compilation 2014
    Bicycle BananaHammock
    Bike   /   Comments
    This is a banana holder from etsy seller Biken. "It is designed to allow riders to safely carry and easily access a banana."
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    Images Of Grant Gustin In Full Costume
    Pic   /   Comments
    These new images of Grant Gustin in full costume as the flash surface.
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    Video   /   Comments
    It's The White Stripes' The Hardest Button to Button that gets stripped of its audio and remixed with empty noises to sound like real life.
    Video   /   Comments
    Parents perform the perfect lip-sync job to Disney's Frozen soundtrack.
    Video   /   Comments
    “I don’t know why, but when we walk at the same speed I get uncomfortable.”
    Directed, Shot & Edited by Vania Heymann
    Starring, Original Music & Written by Daniel Koren
    Gandalf  s Sword Glamdring is Part of The Iron
    Pic   /   Comments
    Apart from featuring Sean Bean as Ned Stark in Season 1 of Game of Thrones, there’s another thing that Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings have in Common.
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    Douce Menace
    Film   /   Comments
    Sony released three new one-minute promo videos for their upcoming Marvel film The Amazing Spider-Man 2.
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