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    Check out Bud Light's Super Bowl 2014 commercial following one guy who was truly #UpForWhatever.
    Herein we explain how pets can help your immune system, beginning when you’re in utero!
    Video by MinuteEarth.
    How Much Snow Will Cancel School
    Redditor atrubetskoy constructed a map that shows approximately how much snow is required to cancel school in the various parts of the U.S. Big pic.
    This TARDIS Dalek Hybrid Dress
    This Daldis Dress is Whovian Cosplay At Its Best (Fackbook)
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    24k Gold Axe
    "Here's a product for the man (or woman) that has everything, or will...A GOLD AXE." Man Ready’s decorative axe has a 3.5lb axe($1,000+) head plated in 24-carat gold. Its handle is made of hickory and can be customized in any color.
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    About a candle with an identity crisis.
    Created by CineFix.
    ""Dead or alive, you're coming with me!" "
    Cylindra Spice Rack
    The Cylindra Spice Rack($15) is a pretty spice rack.
    "A modular spice rack that can be freely placed on any counter or mounted on the wall, its petridish-like cover allows you to load spices cleanly or pinch as you like. A movable band in the middle slides smoothly to sprinkle a bit–or a lot–of flavour, as you place your cylinder on its perimeter."
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    Written & Directed by Henry Inglis and Aaron McCann.
    PizzaScented Fragrances
    Demeter Fragrance Library has released a pizza-scented perfume for people giving them "tomato sauce, creamy mozzarella, a touch of oregano".
    "The history of Pizza, both the word and the food, is a murky and uncertain one. What is clear is Pizza, in one form or another, by one name or another, has been around for thousands of years, and will probably be around for thousands more.  And now, Demeter has memorialized that fabulous scent, as well."
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    Polaroid Camera Cheese Slicer
    This is a cheese slicer($10) that looks like a Polaroid camera. Instead of printing out instant photos, it spits out cheese.
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    Batman Returning Boomerang

    This is a video of boomerang lover Victor Poulin testing out his newly made 25-inch Batarang. It returns and he catches it on his first try - Cool!
    This is a REAL returning Batarang boomerang. Inspired by BATMAN.
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