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    Halloween Light Show Synced to Michael Jackson s
    Video   /  
    Kevin Judd and his team from Creative Lighting Displays used many thousands of lights to create this amazing drive-thru "Thriller Nights of Lights" Halloween light show display...
    How Quentin Tarantino Uses Violence
    Video   /  
    In this video essay I look at the various ways Quentin Tarantino uses violence in his films.
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    Car Spring Vs Hydraulic Press
    Video   /  
    What happens when you crush a car spring with a hydraulic press?
    The Rock Reacts to His First WWE Match 20 YEARS OF THE
    Video   /  
    Approaching the 20th Anniversary of his first WWE wrestling match, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is reflecting on the day his life changed forever: November 17, 1996. He made his...
    Drawing Pok mon From Memory
    Video   /  
    Drawing's hard especially when you don't have a good memory.
    WIN Compilation October 2016
    Video   /  
    WIN Compilation - 47 epic clips of the last weeks put together in one, at just about eight and a half minutes.
    Steam Roller vs Golf Balls
    Video   /  
    An 8 ton steamroller vs a 1 1/2 ounce golf ball... Who wins this battle of the titans? The results will surprise you....
    This Was Google s Keynote Intro Yesterday
    Video   /  
    Silicon Valley Intro
    Watch Blue Origin Successfully Test Its Rocket s Escape
    Video   /  
    Today's Blue Origin test flight was designed to test the ejection process for the capsule carrying passengers.
    Ozzy Man Looks Back at All the Crazy Sh t That Happened in September
    Video   /  
    Ozzy Man Reviews: WTF Happened in September 2016
    Young Polar Bear Plays in IceFilled Kiddie Pool
    Video   /  
    10 month-old polar bear cub Nora plays with ice and toys provided by her keepers during her quarantine period at the Oregon Zoo. SHOW MORE
    Lady s Blouse With A Kitty Collar
    TShirt   /  
    This is the Kitty Collar Blouse designed by moozoo and sold through Storenvy. The very moderately priced $19 blouse is available in S, M, L and XL and each comes with a cat collar. With a...
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    The New TV Spot for Doctor Strange
    Film   /  
    Disney has released a new, 30-second TV spot for Marvel's Doctor Strange, directed by Scott Derrickson.
    Baby Bat
    Video   /  
    Cute baby bat flapping and yawning
    Picture of day Hawk Walking Like Human
    Pic   /  
    This is a photo of a hawk captured by wildlife enthusiast Clint Walker while visiting Giant's Castle in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa. It looks like it's walking like a human. Or maybe...
    A Helmet With Handlebars For Piggyback Rides
    Toy   /  
    This is the Piggyback Driver, a helmet with handlebars for giving kids piggyback/shoulderback rides so they don't put their arms around your neck and choke you out. The handlebars swivel...
    Pink Dressed Guy Joins Royale Guard Exchange
    Video   /  
    This pink man join Royale guard exchange at the Royale Palace in Oslo.
    Epic Hat Trick Shots
    Video   /  
    After a way too long introduction, YouTuber theDOMINICshow shows us his hat throwing skills.
    Penn Jillette Lost over 100 Lbs and Still Eats Whatever He
    Video   /  
    Penn Jillette Lost over 100 Lbs and Still Eats Whatever He Wants
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