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    Dream Jobs
    'Dream Jobs' by Grant Snider.
    A Cat's Guide to Loving a Human
    Michelle Jewell makese these adorable stuffed animals called Finkelsteins(etsy).
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    The 'Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie' (New Dutch Waterline) is a 3 to 5 kilometre wide inundation zone stretching approximately 70 kilometres from Muiden past the city of Utrecht towards the east, down to the large river district and the Biesbosch.
    Up until 1940 it was the main defence line aimed at defending the western part of the country against any attacks coming from the east and the south.
    "Several months ago, Shopify ran a Facebook competition asking for top tips when working from home and the most likes would win. 52 kind people ‘liked’ my top tip, helping me win the competition and, by way of thanks, I decided to do an animal impression for each like on request."
    music by Ludwig van Beethoven – “Symphony No. 8 in F Major, Op. 93”
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    The new "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"! Awesome!
    All 32 NFL Teams Crossed With Star Wars

    All 32 NFL Teams Crossed With Star Wars
    John Raya created these fabulous mashups. STAR WARS. National Football League.
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    Boulder smashes through Italian farm
    The massive rock narrowly missed a farm house, destroyed a barn, and stopped in a vineyard at the property in Ronchi di Termeno.
    A second giant boulder detached during the landslide stopped behind the house.
    The family living there was unharmed in the incident, on 21 January.
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    At Newcastle, we don't believe in making multi-million dollar Mega Football Game Ads.
    Watch and discover why #AmericaIsBeautiful.
    A Batman  Harley Quinn Themed Engagement Ring
    This is the Batman and Harley Quinn themed engagement ring designed by Daniel Maffett and made by Tom Sayers of Sayers Jewelers for Daniel's fiancé. It looks like your typical diamond ring at first glance. But take a closer look at the details and you’ll be blown away.
    "My goal going into this design was to create a ring that was traditionally elegant and sleek but represented my fiancé and I. Comic books are a big part of us and her favorite is obviously Batman and her favorite character is Harley Quinn,” says Daniel. Delivering the ring was the couple’s dog who proudly carried it in a sack of coal to Daniel’s fiancé."
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    Amazing Olympic Facts
    iRecorder iPhone Speaker
    The iRecorder Speaker($41) is a handy speaker that’s compatible with the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5. It looks like a retro tape recorder. However, it will be able to play the tunes on your phone. Just pop your mobile into the cassette slot and push down the orange play button. It comes with real working buttons, a USB charging socket and a pull out carry handle. It can be powered by a micro USB or batteries, just like your old recorder.
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