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    What If Everybody Lived In Just One Building
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    A Look at How Large a Building Would Need to Be In Order to Hold All 7.4 Billion People on Earth
    The History of the Romans Every Year 934907620753515048
    Video   /  
    See the entire history and progression of Roman civilization from the city-state Kingdom all the way to the last Byzantine successor state.
    Sunday Night Party during the Jazz Roots Festival
    Video   /  
    Sunday Night Party during the Jazz Roots Festival in Paris at the Bellevilloise.
    Cracking The 80 Ft Whip
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    Physics 4 Bryan 0
    Toast Sweater PJ
    Other   /  
    This toast pattern on thisPJ made me chuckle. Ha.
    Ghost in the Shell Official Trailer 2
    Film   /  
    'Ghost in the Shell', an upcoming 2017 science fiction film based on the popular Japanese manga of the same name by Masamune Shirow. "Based on the internationally-acclaimed sci-fi...
    Donald Trump vs The Truth Last Week Tonight with
    Video   /  
    Donald Trump spreads a lot of false information thanks to his daily consumption of morning cable news. If only we could sneak some facts into the president’s media diet.
    The science of milk by Jonathan J O Sullivan
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    The milk industry produces in excess of 840 million tons of products each year. Why do humans drink so much milk? And given that all mammals lactate, why do we favor certain types of milk...
    Wheel of Freestyle with Common
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    Common and Tariq from The Roots take turns receiving three random words they've never seen before and working them into a freestyle rap.
    Don t Click This Video
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    Wanna know why you clicked on this video?
    Skyrim s Dragonborn A Fantastic Cello Cover by Tina
    Video   /  
    A beautiful cello cover of the Dragonborn theme from Skyrim by musicial Tina Guo.
    Watch Official Trailer for CIA Thriller Unlocked Starring Noomi
    Film   /  
    Official UK trailer has debuted for the CIA thriller titled Unlocked, from veteran English director Michael Apted. Swedish actress Noomi Rapace stars in this as a CIA interrogator who is...
    Kellyanne Conway Goes FullOn Fatal Attraction on CNN s Jake Tapper in Hilariously Disturbing SNL
    Video   /  
    Kellyanne Conway Goes Full 'Fatal Attraction' On Jake Tapper On 'SNL'
    How to BBQ Like a Dad
    Video   /  
    New Zealand dad Jordan Watson, with help from his cute daughter, Alba, demonstrates the proper way to BBQ sausage like a new dad.
    Ozzy Man Reviews Lady Gaga s Super Bowl 51 Halftime
    Video   /  
    "Me critical analysis of Lady Gaga's halftime super bowl show."
    Pot Sasquatch in The News
    Video   /  
    A person dressed as a ginormous nugget of weed had a great time trolling WWLP meteorologist Jennifer Pagliei during her coverage of the winter storm which plowed through the northeastern...
    Earthquake Liquefaction Example
    Video   /  
    This video, courtesy the Illinois Geological Survey, shows how earthquake liquefaction can affect buildings and buried structures. The concept presented is elementary but will provide you...
    A Wine Glass Contoured To Fit Your Face For Enhanced Flavor And
    Projects   /  
    This is a Kickstarter for the $17 (retail: $30) Wine Glass Mask, a wine glass contoured to fit your face for maximum taste and aroma. It is shaped like an oxygen mask!!"The complex...
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