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    Bruce Willis Answers the Internet s Most Searched Questions About
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    Bruce Willis reveals the answers to the top searched questions about him on Google.
    Jennifer Lawrence Takes a Lie Detector Test
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    Jennifer Lawrence takes a lie detector test for Vanity Fair. Is she a bad tipper? Does Amy Schumer text her too much? Does she have a favorite brother? Does she know anyone in the...
    The Best Fails of the Week 648078791104817828
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    Fail Army presents a collection of the best and funniest fail videos that hit the Internet in the final week of February 2018.
    Picture of day The Commonfolk  s Guide to Bears
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    The Commonfolk’s Guide to Bears
    Tom Hanks Demonstrates How to Change the Ribbon on an Antique
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    On this episode of "Secret Talent Theatre," Tom Hanks shows you how to change a ribbon on a Hermes 3000 typewriter.
    Man Carves Zelda Master Sword From Carpenter Pencil
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    This is a video of artist Bobby Duke carving the lead of a carpenter's pencil into Link's Master Sword from the Legend Of Zelda franchise. The video is ten minutes long though and...
    SlowMotion Footage Of A Shaolin Monk Throwing A Needle Through A Pane Of
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    "It's feet per second vs. frames per second, as Gav and Dan join forces with three Shaolin Monks, who show off one of their most challenging skills—throwing a needle through glass."
    Einstein The African Grey Parrot Performs Over Five Minutes Of Impressions To Celebrate His 30th
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    This is a video of Knoxville Zoo resident Einstein the African grey parrot performing over five minutes of impressions and chit-chat to celebrate his 30th birthday.
    Motorcyclist Loses Control Of His Bike Slides Perfectly Underneath Semi
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    This is a video of motorcyclist HAMMY MOTO losing control of his bike on the freeway and sliding perfectly underneath a semi truck without getting run over."I'm very lucky to be alive. I...
    Mysterious Lights Over Milwaukee 2 27 18
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    Quick moving lights appeared over Milwaukee Tuesday morning.
    Meet The Intern Who Wrote Solitaire For Microsoft
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    In 1988, Wes Cherry was an intern at Microsoft when he created a game that would change the lives of office workers forever. That game was Solitaire. At the time there weren't many...
    Google s Search Team Answers the Internet s Most Searched Questions About Google
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    Ben Gomes (VP, Search Engineering) and Chris Haire (Product Manager, Autocomplete) from Google's search team take the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the Internet's most searched...
    Disney s Ralph Breaks the Internet Trailer
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    Disney just released the first sneak peek at Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2, the upcoming 2018 sequel to 2012's Wreck-It Ralph. Ralph Breaks the Internet connects to theaters...
    Footballer Thanks Wife And Girlfriend For Supporting His
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    Footballer thanks 'wife and girlfriend' for supporting his career
    Brain Cancer Dying To Live Living To Die In 4 42
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    Let's put an end to this horrible disease. Donate www.charlottesbag.com
    Google Home Can Differentiate Between Accents
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    US vs UK spelling of color/colour
    High Speed Mechanical Display 60FPS
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    High Speed Mechanical Display 60FPS
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