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    John Oliver on Olympics Doping Scandals
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    John Oliver, takes a look at past and present performance-enhancing drug scandals that have cast a dark shadow over the Olympic Games.
    Helmet Terrifying Helmet Doubles as Flamethrower
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    Sufficiently Advanced built a terrifying helmet double as flamethrower.
    Watch the Trailer for Mysterious New SciFi Thriller
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    A corporate troubleshooter (Kate Mara) is sent to a remote, top-secret location, where she is to investigate and evaluate a terrifying accident. She learns the event was triggered by a...
    Slam Dunk Golf Shot
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    In the third round of the 2016 Quicken Loans National, Ernie Els cans his 157-yard approach for eagle and gets a roar from the crowd on the par-4 12th hole.
    Louis CK Crazy Pilot Story
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    Louis CK tells Jay Leno the story of his most terrifying flight
    Montblanc Motorcycle Helmet
    Gadget   /  
    Montblanc's latest Motorcycle Helmet, different than the usual fountain pen or timepiece, the company is introducing a line of motorcycle helmets for the gentlemen rider. Available in a...
    Two Clumsy Baby Goats Learn to Jump on Couch
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    Baby Goat Learns to Jump on Couch
    Realistic Madagascar Giant Hissing Cockroach Cake
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    This is the Madagascar Giant Hissing Cockroach cake crafted by New York nurse and food artist Katherine Dey. It's a Boston creme filled chocolate cake with a fondant exterior. It looks so real.
    Riding The Strandbeest Bike
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    The Strandbeest is a precisely proportioned wind-walking assemblage of PVC piping, wood, and fabric airfoils, created by Dutch artist Theo Jansen. Now, Blaine Eliott, a tech-wise guy in...
    How to Make a Lumberjack Cake
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    "Today I am showing you how to make a lumberjack cake for Canada day! This is a checkerboard cake decorating design in a plaid pattern that will impress anyone when you slice into it...
    The Slow Mo Guys Exploding Paint Cans in Slow
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    The Slow Mo Guys use a Phantom Flex 4k high-speed camera to film cans of paint exploding at 2,500 frames per second.
    People Are Awesome Summer 2016 Edition
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    Here’s our annual compilation of awesome people doing incredible things and making the most of their summer.
    The Greatest Archer in Westeros fan edit
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    Dangioy Films humorously reveals the truth behind one of the tragic scenes (f**king Olly!) from last Sunday's episode of HBO's Game of Thrones (episode 9, season 6).
    SanDisk made an iPhone case with builtin storage
    Gadget   /  
    SanDisk's new iXpand Memory Case, an iPhone case with flash storage built in that connects via the Lightning port. It only works with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. The iXpand Memory Case,...
    Swimming In Giant 1 500 Gallon CocaCola Swimming
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    TechRax decided to spend days and days with a buddy buying countless bottles of Coca Cola. Taking a Bath in a Giant 1,500 Gallon Coca-Cola Swimming Pool.
    Jay Leno Goes 2 500 HP on 2 Wheels
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    Jay Leno went for a ride on the back wheels of a 2,500 HP car with legendary stunt driver Bob Riggle.
    The New Backup Camera  a License Plate and an
    Gadget   /  
    Pearl RearVision adds a backup camera to any car. Their new RearVision backup camera lets you install a camera in minutes and you won't have to pay for a professional install. All you...
    The Best Fails of the Week 392221900805825130
    Video   /  
    Fail Army presents a roundup of the funniest fail videos that hit the Internet during the fourth week of June 2016.
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