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    A short tilt-shift film showing the city of Sydney.
    Tilt-shift effect applied in post-production.
    Shot from Bondi Beach, Sydney Tower Eye, Pylon Lookout, Dudley Page Reserve.
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    BaneCat is an evil animal adaptation of Bane.
    'Slow' marine animals show their secret life under high magnification. Corals and sponges are very mobile creatures, but their motion is only detectable at different time scales compared to ours and requires time lapses to be seen. These animals build coral reefs and play crucial roles in the biosphere, yet we know almost nothing about their daily lives.
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    PL01 concept tank an infraredinvisible tank

    This is the PL-01 concept tank, a three-crew 35-ton tank that can turn itself invisible to infrared missiles thanks to a mesh of thermal tiles that change their temperature to match the environment. Designed by Poland's OBRUM. Yes, it also cool as hell!
    The idea of the PL-01 is to try and eliminate the infrared, radar and visual signature of the traditional tank to a large degree, while also relying on guile to take identity masking a step further. Watch the video of it, cool.
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    This is a compilation video of influential visual effects in movies from the 1980s onwards. Awesome!
    Artists Transform Model Into RealLife Marge Simpson Pic

    Russian photographer Alexander Kholov along with make-up artist Veronica Ershova and hair stylist Mikhail Kravchenko, transformed a model into a real life Marge Simpson. And a pic of real life angry bird after more.
    "Marge Simpson is a cult cartoon character in the present world. We love Marge, that’s why we decided to make her alive using the skills of make-up, hairstyle, floristics and photography. It was important to pay attention to the details of original image. Veronica Ershova, the make-up artist, painted the model face and the stylist Mikhail Kravchenko created the huge hair – the calling card of Marge’s image. We wanted to make unusual hairstyle and Mikhail used real chrysanthemums painted in blue and special frame. With the real flowers we achieved necessary volume and texture"
    (Photography by Alexander Khokhlov)
    (Make Up by Veronica Ershova)
    (Model: Kate Moukhina)
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    Funny News Bloopers March 2014
    Marshmallows the Couch Looks Like a Pile of

    Marshmallows the Couch Looks Like a Pile of
    Marshmallows designed by Kei Harada,  a soft cloud looks like a pile of oversized marshmallows.
    "Cloud sofa encourages kids to move around, play, and change positions."
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    "It's hard to market a fighter with baby skulls around his neck.(Feat, Kumail Nanjiani)"
    Dhalsim explains he’s actually fighting for peace because he’s a “big peace guy”. Pete responds:
    “Around your neck, are those peace skulls? The jewelry, the human skull jewelry you have?”
    “Oh! These guys? Yeah. These are peace skulls.”
    “Those are human skulls, and they’re very, very small. If those are baby skulls, I don’t even want to know. I couldn’t begin to describe that to legal.”
    “Okay, well, in yoga there’s a lot of, like, different kinds of things that are considered, like, okay to do. Some people would say that you can’t do yoga on a full stomach, and then some people say that it’s okay to wear baby skulls around your neck.”
    Duncan Lou Who the two legged boxer puppy goes to the beach for the first time. "Duncan was born with severely deformed rear legs that had to be removed. He has a wheel chair, but can't stand to use it. So we let him be free and just walk on his two legs. There is some slow motion in this video, but NONE of the video has been sped up, this gives you an idea of how fast Duncan really it. "
    Justice Caps Makes Your Face Invisible to
    Justice Caps are conventional baseball caps with integrated LED lamps, which tend to blind low light cameras when shone from straight on. They won’t help you in daylight of course, they work best in low-level lighting environments, such as when you’re in a club or outdoors when it’s dark out. Priced from $14.95.
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    Gif self loading excavator
    self loading excavator
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