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    The Bizarre Plan to Drain the Mediterranean
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    Herman Sörgel wanted to create the largest civil engineering project the world has ever seen: a colossal dam across the Strait of Gibraltar, lowering the Mediterranean sea. There...
    The Early Hatchling Gets the Worm Animated Short
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    A hatchling forms an unlikely friendship with a worm she adopts in this adorable animated short film that played in theaters before the 2016 animated feature film The Angry Birds Movie.
    Coyote Peterson Discovers Bizarre Air Breathing
    Video   /  
    In this episode of his nature series "Beyond the Tide," adventurous animal expert Coyote Peterson finds some weird-looking, air breathing sculpin fish, and other odd creatures,...
    Kids Try 100 Years of Thanksgiving Sides Dishes
    Video   /  
    For the latest edition of their "Kids Try" series, Bon Appétit enlisted a group of kids to sample and share their thoughts traditional Thanksgiving dinner side dishes...
    If Airlines Were Honest
    Video   /  
    In the latest edition of Cracked's "Honest Ads" series, Roger Horton from Horton Airlines reminds us what we'll endure for the pleasure of soaring 39,000 feet above earth in one...
    Should You Trust Your Gut Instinct
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    Can you trust your gut feelings?
    ExStudents Surprise Their Old Teachers
    Video   /  
    "We invited some teachers in and surprised them with some touching messages from their ex-students."
    Paradise A Contemporary Interpretation Of The Garden Of Earthly
    Video   /  
    An animated interpretation of 'The Garden Of Earthly Delights' by Hieronymus Bosch.
    Nicole Kidman Has Another Super Awkward Tonight Show Interview With Jimmy
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    Things got hilariously awkward when Australian actress Nicole Kidman revealed that she once had a crush on Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon while appearing on the show back in January. When...
    FoolProof Roast Turkey
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    New York-based comedian and kinetic artist Joseph Herscher from Joseph's Machines and his dog, Matthew, demonstrate a simple, mistake-proof recipe for cooking a moist golden brown turkey.
    Ozzy Man Commentates on Extreme British Biscuit
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    Australian comedian and film critic "Ozzy Man Reviews" adds hilarious commentary to Simon Berry's 70 meter world record-breaking biscuit dunk bungee jump.
    The Best Fails of the Week 149087640584265633
    Video   /  
    Fail Army presents a roundup of the funniest fail videos that hit the Internet during the third week of November 2016.
    Stephen Hawking warns humans may have only 1 000 years left on
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    Stephen Hawking spoke at the Oxford Union earlier this week, and the headline takeaway from the speech has been a statement that humanity needs to find a new place to live, and fast. The...
    Why You Should Tell Coworkers Your Salary
    Video   /  
    Adam reveals the real reason your boss doesn't want you sharing your salary.
    Comforting Guy Has A Rough Ride
    Video   /  
    Passes out a few times.
    Conan O Brien Visits YouTube s Virtual Reality
    Video   /  
    Conan visits the YouTube Space in New York City and is presented with some of the most high-tech, cutting edge virtual reality technology in the world, but he mostly wants to know about...
    How to Read Fire Diamonds
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    Sam from the comedy/educational series, "Sam O'Nella Academy," breaks down how to read the NFPA 704 risk identification codes for hazardous materials, aka fire diamonds.
    Bart Finally Gets the Remote in Latest Simpsons Couch
    Video   /  
    Check out the latest Couch Gag from THE SIMPSONS episode, "Dad Behavior."
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